Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit

PM Roosevelt Skerrit invites public to share thoughts on Electoral Reform Report

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Roseau, Dominica: The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica has recognised the importance of periodically reviewing and updating its electoral system to ensure transparency, fairness, and efficiency. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit declared the process of Electoral Modernization had started and outlined that copies of the same will be accessible to all.

Prime Minister of Dominica, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, addressed the general public of the nation. He presented the Electoral Reform Report. PM Skerrit presented the report on June 21, 2023 (Wednesday) at 3 pm at the State House Conference Centre.

PM mentioned that a report had been commissioned and presented and will be shared at the international and regional levels to read and analyse the document. PM Skerrit urged to return at the appointed time to comment on it when the opportunity is provided.

Electoral Modernization Secretariat, headed by Dr Kenneth, made the preliminary framework under which the government of Dominica shall be working.

“Commission has considered all factors and has made recommendations which I hope all will review thoroughly,” he noted while elaborating on the implementation of all the recommendations before the next general elections.

“The government is approaching this task with an open mind, and you have been presented with the document within my one week of receiving it,” he stated. PM Roosevelt Skerrit asked to propose a solution to modernise the electoral system of Dominica.

He added that he wants Dominica to be the ultimate winner in this exercise, and Dominicans must have a nationalist approach for this assignment. He also outlined that this process must be concluded by enacting in the law before the end of this calendar year.

In the end, PM Roosevelt Skerrit said that the first 20 copies of the Electoral Modernization Report would be available on social media and generally on World Wide Web so that it is accessible to all.

In addition to this, the overview of the report was presented by the Attorney General of Dominica, Levi Peter. He briefed the importance of this Electoral Reform Report. He also outlined the Bills to be introduced by the government to improve the electoral system of the country.

The election process will be reviewed in the legislation to identify challenges which impede the voting rights of eligible citizens and expand to present parliamentary-ready legislation. This review must be conducted with the goal of achieving the following objectives:

1. Review existing reports through various past consultants, chief elections officers and experts.
2. Review and advice on the provision for voter eligibility, including the use of voter identification cards for the purpose of booting
3. Identifying best practices for maintaining the updated electoral register that will not result in the repudiation of the right to vote and/ or disenfranchisement of legitimate, qualified voters for
4. Present a House of Assembly Elections bill and a House of Assembly Elections Regulations.

Furthermore, he stated that copies of both – phase 1 and phase 2 of the report had been provided, and he anticipated that the cabinet, the leader of the opposition and all the attendees would receive the copies.

Following this, he addressed both phases and highlighted that the report has six parts and 61 clauses.

Read the Full Report HERE: 

Phase 1 Electoral Report

Phase 2 Electoral Report

By implementing these suggestions, the government can effectively engage the public of Dominica and ensure a transparent and inclusive process for electoral reform.

This presentation was immensely important for the nation and its voting system. It was broadcasted through various social media channels for the citizens and residents of the country as it is believed that everyone must be aware of the new implementations by the government.