Dominica Cable Car crew maintains and repairs Boiling Lake trail amid construction

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Roseau, Dominica: The workers at the Dominica Cable Car Project are ensuring that proper maintenance and repair work is being carried out on the Boiling Lake trail for tourists wishing to hike. The development is aimed at boosting the tourism sector and to preserve the natural treasure of Dominica.

The maintenance activities are also strived to ease the tourists in accessing the boiling like amid the ongoing construction across the site.

The Dominica Cable Car Project spanning 4.1 mile will take tourists from the capital city Roseau to the Boiling Lake which at present takes a six hour long trek.

To serve the tourists in an ideal way, a restaurant is also being built along with the top station at the lake which is why the workers are ensuring that hikers don’t face any issue due to the ongoing construction.

The crew at the site are ensuring the appropriate repair and maintenance tasks at the site for the safety and security of the tourists coming from across the world.

The Project Manager for the cable car project, Randell Gliege talked about the several maintenance activities being undertaken by the workers last month.

He noted that the team is doing its best to clear overgrown bushes which the concealing the original paths along with repairing stairs along the said walking paths as well as bridges.

Gliege noted that the workers are also cutting the overgrown grass along with cleaning the lanes which will ensure the smooth drainage of rainwater which when pooled can make the hikers fell severely.

It is to be noted that the Cable Car project has provided many employment opportunities for the local community. The locals highlight their active participation in the maintenance efforts along with the repairing of the trails.

Dominica Cable Car crew maintains and repairs Boiling Lake trail amid construction.
Dominica Cable Car crew maintains and repairs the Boiling Lake trail amid construction.

Not only this, but the regular maintenance of the Boiling Lake also enables the tourists to hike on the trail confidently without having any fear of slipping or falling.

The Project Manager has also confirmed the other progress presently being made on other hiking trails. He said that the team has carried out repair and maintenance work on the Waitukubuli Trail.

In another significant development, the Cable Car workers have also repaired the decades old suspension bridge by installing new cables and shackles on the bridge. This has ensured the safety of people who will talk across the bridge.

This shows the construction workers’ dedication to not only repair the damaged parts of the trails but to engage in regular maintenance works as well.

Randy Gliege further stated that the crew is also ensuring that the road leading to the construction site for the cable car project is being kept in good condition and that the workers are consistently cleaning those roads as well.

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