Dive into craziness of Barbados’ Fish and Dragon Festival

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Barbados will host the return of the Fish and Dragon Festival at the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium on January 20, 2024. The event will showcase a celebration of Barbadian and Chinese Cultures.

It is to be noted that the doors open at 5 pm for an evening filled with cultural richness, vibrant performances and unforgettable moments. Furthermore, there are no entry charges for the people. The people will gain captivating information about China.

The festival will display mouth-watering Barbadian and Chinese food and delicacies. The Fish and Dragon Festival will host mesmerizing and fascinating performances of artists from both nations. Some of them are as follows,

– The Foundation School Steel Orchestra

– Dancin’ Africa

– Edwin Yearwood

– Red Plastic Bag and more

Moreover, this festival is a celebration of cultural dialogue, friendship and empowered collaboration between Barbados and China. It is worth mentioning that the Fish and Dragon Festival is produced by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Barbados and the Central Bank of Barbados.

The update of the event has been shared on various social media pages, and many people took to their official Facebook handle to express their delight in the upcoming celebrations of the festival.

Some of the comments read as, 

While reacting to the post, a person named Graham B Bannister wrote, “The Chinese artists are fantastic every single time.”

Another FB user by the name of Jackson Wlleyen commented, “Ah! Finally, the festival of Chinese and Barbadian delicacies is here. This year it will be a rocking festival.”

Additionally, the people of Barbados eagerly wait for the festival to enjoy multiple activities and experience the culinary culture of China and Barbados. People are encouraged to embrace the spirit of the Dragon, which symbolizes power, strength and good fortune.

Scene at the Fish and Dragon Festival, preparing Barbados and China's delicacies. (Fish and Dragon Festival, Facebook)
Scene at the Fish and Dragon Festival, preparing Barbados and China’s delicacies. (Fish and Dragon Festival, Facebook)

It is worth mentioning that the Annual Fish and Dragon Festival promises a sensory experience that will captivate audiences of all ages. Moreover, the event will feature local artists and craftsmen. From handmade crafts to unique artworks, discover the creativity that defines Barbadian talent.

Notably, the event is a testament to the community spirit and brotherhood that makes Barbados a truly special place.

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