Tyquan Neblett’s documentary ‘Stoic’ to feature at Barbados Independent Film Festival

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Tyquan Neblett’s documentary titled “Stoic” is all set to be featured at the upcoming Barbados Independent Film Festival in January 2024.

The documentary film “Stoic” is a small window into the lives of young Barbadian men who struggled with their heartbreaks due to their past or present love life and the impact on their mental conditions.

Notably, Neblett is a Barbadian final-year film student studying at the University of the West Indies. He has been exploring many different forms of artistic creation.

Tyquan Neblett wants to examine the concepts of masculinity among Caribbean men through his films. He wants to normalize the tales of Caribbean folklore while modernizing these stories.

Neblett is not just a director but also an event coordinator, musician, creative director, model, editor and YouTuber. Moreover, as a filmmaker, he wants to establish Barbados as more than just a location and highlight the true spirit of the Caribbean.

Neblett started making YouTube content at the age of 14. He created content on the Caribbean culture, slang and detailed information about the life in the Caribbean.

Further, he also launched 8:22 Entertainment, his production company, in 2020. His company was specialized in providing live music entertainment.

It is to be noted that the Eighth season of the Barbados Independent Film Festival will be conducted from 16th January and will continue till 21st January 2024.

The launch of the festival took place on 2nd November and was attended by esteemed personalities such as the President of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society, Sir Trevor Carmichael, the museum’s Deputy Director, Kevin Farmer and UK-based filmmaker Kwame Lestrade.

The festival will honour the work of the artists by bestowing them with an award, as the festival offers three major awards. The categories of those awards include Best Short Film, Best Documentary and Best Feature Film.

Also, the festival will give special awards for exceptional storytelling and environmental subjects.

De Carla Applewhaite, the Barbados Independent Film Festival director, highlighted the main aim of this festival; “she stated that through this festival, they want to acknowledge and celebrate the creativity of filmmakers all over the world while giving the full credit and support to the local and regional film sectors.”

This film festival is a great opportunity to recognize the artists and their creative work.

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