Deputy PM Ernest Hilaire shares glimpse of launch event of Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival 2023
Deputy PM Ernest Hilaire shares glimpse of launch event of Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival 2023 || Picture Courtesy: Ernest Hilaire Facebook
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Saint Lucia: Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Tourism of the country in the Caribbean region – Saint Lucia, Ernest Hilaire, has shared an update on the launch event of the Jazz & Arts festival. Member of Parliament from Castries South shared a social media post and outlined that on the evening of January 24, 2023, the ministry of tourism, investment and cultural investment formally launched the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival to the media and Saint Lucians.

“On this 30th anniversary of the music festival and its return to its original concept with a renewed look and feel, I am proud to say the launch was a resounding success,” the post the minister emphasised.


According to the information by Ernest Hilaire, the festival showcases the creative talents of our people both on the musical and artistic fronts. In addition to this, this year, the government and ministry have decided to introduce a new concept, Art & The City, which will express the culture of Saint Lucia through artistic expression and bring the festival into different areas of the city centre.

Additionally, the festival will accrue several economic benefits for Saint Lucians with taxi drivers being employed, villas and hotel rooms being booked, visitors going to local bars and restaurants and many more supporting activities being employed.

“We will also bring the Jazz festival back into the communities to help Saint Lucians own more of the festival. We are excited to see the return of Jazz with its star-studded lineup. In 2023, the ministry promises to be a big one!” the post added.

Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival will come back to the shores of St Kitts and Nevis after a hiatus of three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event has been termed one of the biggest and best-ever music events in the Caribbean region. In a press statement, Tourism Minister stated that the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival in the year 2023 promises to be the most promising yet, as the nation continues the Saint Lucian tradition of hosting the Caribbean’s premier jazz and arts event.