CDEMA warned the region for upcoming Atlantic Hurricane Season 2021

CDEMA warned the region for upcoming Atlantic Hurricane Season 2021
CDEMA warned the region for upcoming Atlantic Hurricane Season 2021

Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) has warned the people of the Caribbean communities to be aware of the upcoming Atlantic Hurricane Season. This year, it is accompanied by the effect of COVID-19 and volcanic eruption in St Vincent and Grenadines.

On Tuesday, this hurricane season will start with its effect on the shore, and according to meteorologists, this year, the season is expected to be more than normal. Elizabeth Riley, the CDEMA acting executive director, said that the Caribbean people should be prepared for the upcoming severe weather conditions.


Elizabeth Riley said that the Caribbean community had reported many infected persons and many deaths of the near ones due to the COVID-19 virus from last March. This year the preparedness for the Hurricane season should be good so that the hurricane season can not be the reason for the increasing cases of COVID-19 in future.

Riley said that was really about the reality that they live in, the environment, and the Caribbean’s space where there have been multiple factors. That was a Caribbean reality, and it was really about keeping themselves safe. They had received a multiplicity of messages of the things they could do to keep themselves safe from COVID-19, physical distancing, hygiene, and various other measures that have been promoted.

Riley added, “what we are giving as our message this year with respect to COVID-19 is similar to what we did last year, that we very much have to respect the health protocols associated with COVID-19, but we address them within the context of the actions that we normally take during the hurricane season.”

Senior CDEMA official said, “So as you are packing your supplies to go to a shelter, you have to integrate personal protective equipment, you have to have your mask available, gloves available, hand washing liquid, etc. to be able to practice, those protocols in the shelter.”