Professional Development workshop to include certification of craft, souvenir vendors

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Dominica: The resumption of cruise activity next month is still making headlines in Dominica. Adequate training of tourism stakeholders during the covid 19 pandemic is necessary to ensure that security protocols are maintained while Dominica continues its efforts to revive the tourism sector.

In collaboration with the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), the Discover Dominica Authority has launched a series of professional development workshops to include certified craft and souvenir sellers.


These sessions focus on improving skills to ensure high quality service delivery in the vending sector. It will also provide an opportunity to increase skills, knowledge and attitudes on how to maintain high standards of sanitation and personal hygiene to minimize the transmission of covid 19.

“The topics include health and safety in a covid-19 environment, the importance of delivering high-quality service, striving for excellence, as well as the first and last impression as frontline staff,” she said.

This eight-session workshop began on May 7 and ends on May 28, 2021.

“In total, we are targeting more than one hundred and fifty handicraft and souvenir vendors working on the Bay Front, the Old Market and on the various sites and attractions such as the Emerald Pools and Trafalgar Falls,” she explained.

Three out of eight sessions have already been completed. Jno. Baptiste said the workshop has been a success so far. She says although the reviews were positive, some reluctance was seen with the new covid 19 approach.

“We have some uncertainty as to whether they will sell, and whether they do how they are going to protect themselves, as well as make money. So it’s a catch of 20-20 on how to balance it, earning much needed cash and keeping themselves safe. We therefore hope that the sessions will provide clarity on how to move forward in the covid-19 environment,” said Baptiste.

Although training for craft and souvenir sellers is a critical aspect of resuming sailing activities, vaccination is still a priority to achieve good sailing in the tourism sector.

The vaccination campaign to prepare tourist stakeholders for next month’s sailing activities. Jno Baptiste call on tourism stakeholders to go out and be vaccinated.

“I just want to appeal to the service providers. We were in a time when the tourism industry was seriously affected and we have a glimmer of hope, a kind of light at the end of the tunnel, which is the resumption of sailing activities. And one of the first steps we as professionals need to take is to go there and get vaccinated as it provides us with the necessary protection against covid-19. That is why I appeal to everyone, all the service providers, the taxi drivers, tour guides, sellers to go there and be vaccinated,” Jno Baptiste added further.


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