Dominica: Construction of 2 Hurricane shelters to begin in Jimmit and Castle Bruce

the construction of 2 Hurricane shelters proven a new landmark for Dominica towards the development

Dominica: Construction of 2 Hurricane shelters to begin in Jimmit and Castle Bruce
Dominica: Construction of 2 Hurricane shelters to begin in Jimmit and Castle Bruce

Roseau, Dominica: An agreement was signed between the government of Dominica and the National Authorizing Office from the side of the European Union Development Fund regarding the construction of 2 regional hurricane shelters in Jimmie and Castle Bruce those cost 32million dollar.

A contract with NH International Caribbean Limited was signed on June 17, 2020, for the construction of this project.


Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit had formed a cabinet delegation for the construction of an 18 million dollar Regional Emergency Shelter sited in Jimmit, as the government continues its mandate to build the world’s 1st climate-resilient nation.

PM Skerrit said he is satisfied with the pace and quality of the construction work being done and after noticing the speed of the work. He stated that the project would be handed over before the scheduled time.

“We decided as a country that to enhance our preparedness and also our ability to respond to natural disasters, we needed to build regional emergency shelters in some strategic locations across the country. We may not be able to have one in every community. Still, we will have centralized facilities to prove that much-needed shelter in anticipation and preparation of a natural disaster,” PM Skerrit stated.

In 2017 after hurricane Maria, the government of Dominica declared that they would make the nation world’s first climate-resilient nation. This task of constructing the shelter will remain the priority.

Prime Minister said that with the completion of this project, Dominica would be one more step forward towards taking the country in a better position that can also stand against natural disasters and save the people of the country. He also thanked the European Union for their help in this project.

Mr Mikey Thackoor, a contractor from NH International Caribbean Limited, said NH is proud to be part of the construction of structures for the people of Dominica, with the EU to deliver a resilient design to help with natural disasters coming up.

He is hoping to have this facility handed over before scheduling to the benefit of the people, and they are happy to be part of it and proud to be part of the EU team and building this structure for the people of Dominica.