Caves Hotel in Negril owns by Chris Blackwell available for sale at $18.9M

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Kingston, Jamaica: The Caves Hotel in Negril is now on the market at a sale price of $18.9m. The luxurious hotel was once owned by Chris Blackwell, a producer and Island Records founder. It was famous for being a celebrity hotspot in the island nation.

According to the information, this property is the second Jamaican hotel to be put for sale in less than two months and was owned by Blackwell. The other property was Marley’s hideaway, the Strawberry Hill Hotel.

The Caves Hotel is listed by Leslie Cooper, Alex Miranda and the Compass Florida US Marketing Partners Ivan Hernandez.

About Caves Hotel

The hotel is located at One Love Drive, poised on the limestone cliffs of Negril’s scenic West End at Jamaica. The Caves is recognised as one of the Crown Jewels of Jamaica.

Some of the unique rooms and suites are as follows,

Garden View Cottage: Every room of the Caves is designed with a beautiful coastal view. It featured a one-bedroom garden view cottage, especially for couples. The room involved a queen-size bed with a picturesque view of the birds outside the window.

The beautiful view of trees and scenery from the garden view cottage. (Credits: The Caves)
The beautiful view of trees and scenery from the garden view cottage. (Credits: The Caves)

The room is built around the gentle whispering of palm trees and the soothing sea. The privacy of the couple is the priority, due to which the windows are being covered with the curtains. One may experience a vibrant view of the landscape just by sitting on the bed.

Partial Ocean View Cottage: The rooms featured a bohemian attitude and is balanced by luxurious interiors. It includes a queen-size bed, window settee, breath-taking sunset and many more.

The soothing sitting place in the Caves Hotel. (Credits: The Caves)
The soothing sitting place in the Caves Hotel. (Credits: The Caves)


  • Air Conditioning, mosquito nets and fans
  • Nightly turn-down service
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Mini bars with local drinks and snacks
  • Royal Hut bathrobes
  • Outdoor showers

Restaurants/ Eateries

The Caves hotel offers a mouth-watering delicacy, prepared by using fresh local produce. It consists of a Bamboo Terrace, where the main dining area is built.

Notably, the furniture is designed with bamboo, which gives this space a mood of laid-back island charm. One may also come across a large painting of Bob Marley with a Guitar in his hands.

The dining area, made with bamboo. (Credits: The Caves)
The dining area, made with bamboo. (Credits: The Caves)

It also offers a 24-hour, well-stocked bar facility for its visitors to enjoy drinks and delicious homemade treats throughout the day and night. The other spots include the Gazebo, Private dining, The Sands, and the Blackwell Rum Bar.

Such places are considered as one of the best destinations to spend quality time with family or loved ones in Jamaica.

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