Caribbean Airlines introduces pre-order meal service facility for customers

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With the aim to offer the best services to its customers, Caribbean Airlines has announced to initiate a pre-order meal service for certain routes from Thursday, January 27, 2022. As per the airlines’ officials, this initiative will leave its customers with more choice as well as an original taste of the Caribbean region during their flight. 

The airlines have commenced a 2022 campaign, with the title, ‘Reset Expectations’, under which this pre-order meal service is being introduced. This campaign has been started with the motive to get to know about customers’ needs and enhance their experience during the flight. 

The acting Chief Operations Officer of Caribbean Airlines, Nirmala Ramai, speaking on the new service, asserted, “This year is all about re-calibrating what we do & delivering our customers a redrafted experience”. 

“With our pre-order meal service, the customers can choose their own meals from our range of sumptuous offerings”. 

Briefly talking about the menu, Ramai underscored it contains a fusion of Caribbean and Western cuisine, including doubles (curried chickpeas and bara) bake and fish, an array of wraps. Meanwhile, for the vegetarians and as well as for the children, numerous mouthwatering options on the menu are there. 

The consumers can choose the food they want from the menu at an affordable price prior to their flight; that is, at the same time, they book a flight and up to 36 hours before the scheduled departure time. Meanwhile, the passengers who purchase Economy Flex fares can pre-order meals at no additional cost, and Business Class meals remain inclusive.