“Budget 2023-24 seek choices for better life for Saint Lucians,” says PM Philip J Pierre

“Budget 2023-24 seek choices for better life for Saint Lucians,” says PM Philip J Pierre

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Castries, Saint Lucia: Prime Minister of the Caribbean country of Saint Lucia – Philip J Pierre, presented the Budget Policy address that detailed the government’s transformative agenda for the 2023-2024 financial year.

After presenting the budget, Prime Minister Pierre addressed the people through his official handle and stated that the budget was solely for the betterment of the country’s people. He outlined that the government has made all the choices which were for a better life for Saint Lucians.

The social media post penned by the Prime Minister read, “We as a country have brilliant reasons to celebrate the economic gains we have made, notwithstanding the external challenges and concerns about citizens’ security. The challenges of the day have informed the strategic choices of my government. Choices that seek to secure a better life for Saint Lucians.”

While lauding the government of Saint Lucia for working for its people, he stated that the current administration has worked and fulfilled all the demands and needs of the citizens and residents of Saint Lucia.

“We have shown that most of the promises which we made in the last budget have been fulfilled. We have shown that the management of the economy and the management of the country is in safe hands. We have navigated the country out of COVID and around the new global economic threats which have emerged since COVID. We have restored growth to the economy. We have reduced unemployment. We have provided tax relief and other benefits to workers and consumers. We have restored hope and purpose to the young people of this country,” he noted in the social media caption.

Furthermore, he asked all the people to come forward and work with the government to complete all the resolutions taken during Budget 2023-24. “I invite all Saint Lucians to work with us as we pursue the policy objectives and programs outlined in the 2023/24 budget under the theme “Health and Security – The Pillars for Sustainability”,” he concluded.

He also invited all the Saint Lucians to tune in and watch his full address. “I invite you to view my contribution via the link https://youtu.be/xrNlvbKP76k.”