Saint Lucia: Youth Economy Agency reminds citizens to register for Business Planning Training

Saint Lucia: Youth Economy Agency reminds citizens to register for Business Planning Training

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Castries, Saint Lucia: Youth Economy Agency of Saint Lucia has recently shared a reminder update for the citizens and residents interested in applying for the Business Planning Training session to be organised.

The Agency took social media and welcomed the people to register as registration started. The social media update read, “Get professional support to develop a comprehensive Business Plan tailored to your specific needs. Upon successful completion of training, participants will receive an injection of EC$5000.00 into their businesses.”

An interested Saint Lucian can apply here:…/trainin…/edp-business-planning. The officials have informed that the registration process will start on May 2, 2023, and will be concluded on May 19, 2023.

According to the information shared by the Youth Economy Agency, important aspects of the Business Plan will be discussed during the event, including:

  • Timeline
  • Operations
  • Team
  • Goals
  • Marketing
  • Competition
  • Finance
  • Strategy

    Picture Courtesy: National Youth Economy – Saint Lucia

This initiative has been praised by the citizens and residents of the country as it will provide a gateway to learning and grow. One of the social media users from Saint Lucia, named Annabel St Clair, expressed her thoughts on the initiative and mentioned, “That is a wonderful opportunity for people Like me. I have thrived on opening my own restaurant and bar. I love to cook. I love challenging myself… I would love to grab this opportunity and build myself and build a business I know that would succeed.”

Another user named Maria Fontenelle outlined that “It is great to see opportunities extended to youth though $2000 is so inadequate. The business training, if well done, should be quite valuable.” And the third one commented, “And I am patiently waiting to learn new skills.”

It is anticipated that this training session will surely contribute to employment and job creation in the island country of Saint Lucia. It has been counted as one of the steps taken by the government to assist the youth in getting better training and jobs.