Billionaire Jasmine Hartin gets bail

Billionaire Jasmine Hartin gets bail
Billionaire Jasmine Hartin gets bail

Jasmine Hartin again got bail on the afternoon of 29th June. She got bail after she met the requirements of bail have verified by the staff and authorities of Central Prison, Hattieville.

After the withdrawal of the original bail document in the Supreme Court on Friday a week ago, after coming in quick action, an immediate process started to secure and identify the new documents of the bail to the longing process finished on Tuesday morning, and she was released. According to the arthematics, she had stayed behind the bars for 4 days.


It has confirmed that the amount of $30,000 was posted by someone in close relation and attorney. The amount was used in the process to get her bail, but they asked to not to reveal their identity to get on a safe side from the media spotlight these days.

General Manager of Grand Colony Island Villas Frank Habet was the initial surety of bail for Hartin. Still, before Justice Herbert Lord, he has taken his surety back while saying that he was no longer confident that Jasmine Hartin might appear in court. The Crown also tried to cancel the bail. Crown also highlighted that Hartin has been violating the charge to stay of good behaviour by being arrested and charged with a common crime and drug possession. The latter order stemming from the night Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott was shot dead.

Jasmine Hartin has got bailed on some conditions that she would not manipulate the witnesses of the case, and she had to report at the police station daily to show her presence in the town. Hartin could not leave the area without any permission from the court, she has to cooperate with these conditions with good behaviour. In the case of overruling of any condition, she could be taken for remand once again.

Richard “Dickie” Bradley has been an official representative of Jasmine Hartin from now. Dickie complained about the ambush that has been planned by the Police Department and Director of Public Prosecutions. They had also behaved unethically and immorally by not giving her bail and objecting the bail. Dickie also said that it was a minor crime.