4,44,79 doses of vaccine administered in St Kitts and Nevis

Barbados ready to screen all variants of COVID-19 virus

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The Barbados government to start the tests of every variant of the COVID-19 virus. The authorities have also requested the citizens of the country to get themselves check and get vaccinated so that the spread of the COVID-19 should be mitigated.

Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic, the Health and Wellness Minister of Barbados, ordered that the Public Health Laboratory of Best-dos Santos should remain alert and ready to screen positive COVID-19 cases for all variants of COVID-19 virus with the equipment that they would use in this process that was sent overseas after recalibrating the screening process started.

Lt Col Bostic, while telling that the public laboratory has already started the process of screening the Alpha Variants of the COVID-19 virus. Lt Col Bostic said that he was happy to say that there would go to be some validation over the weekend to make sure that the shipping process would not affect the calibration. Once that has been successful, then the lab would be in a position to screen all positive cases of COVID-19 for all of the variants.

Health Minister Bostic told the reporters that the primers that were sent by the PAHO to Barbados. These premiers have been assisting in the process of testing in the laboratory to screen the different variants of the COVID-19 virus. Barbados sent more samples to the Trinidad based CARPHA for the process of screening.

Minister Bostic said that the most important thing is the fact that hopefully from upcoming weeks. Once all the process would be performed smoothly during this weekend, They would be in a position to conduct the process of screening for all positive cases, so they would be able to do the first screening for all of the variants.

Chief Medical Officer, Dr Kenneth George, has been requesting the citizens. Especially the young ones and the health workers or those who have associated with the health sector. Bostic also urged the citizens to come forward get vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccines to achieve their herd immunity.

Barbados has a total population of 94,000 people who have received their 1st dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Out of which 69,000 persons have been fully vaccinated.

Chief Medical Officer said that the stats of the vaccination in Barbados have a good result, but He wanted more people to come forward and get vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine.