New department of Family and Children Services formed in Barbados

Barbados government to form New department of Family and Children Services

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The government decided to make a new department that would be in charge of these much-needed social works. Due to this, now the Welfare and Social Service departments would soon be operating under one roof and with one organization.

The decision has taken by Kirk Humphrey, the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Blue Economy. During the branch meeting of Barbados Labour Party‘s St Michael South Branch on Sunday, this decision was taken.

Humphrey, the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Blue Economy, said that very soon, what they know as welfare and the other agencies would be replaced by a new agency called the Department of Family and Children Services in Barbados that has been formed to reduce the duplication and better care to the citizens.

Humphrey also stated that they meet regularly and the document has almost finished, and they were going to pull together all of the different departments in the Ministry of People’s Empowerment and bring all of the social services originated-sectors and institutions together to be able to serve them better and to be better able to respond.

Humphrey said that the main focus of the newly formed department would be the reduction of problems in Barbados and Address the needs and to give the citizens of the country opportunities for advancement, and make the services available for the citizens of Barbados.

Humphrey explained that the government had taken this firm step to make a new streamlines department for easing the works for Barbadians. The decision was taken by the government after getting many compliments regarding the slow and inconsistent responses that the locals have been facing while their access to welfare and other social services.

Humphrey said, that So, hold on, their team have heard the people, they understand that the people’s concerns have confirmed, and they were making changes to the department. Some of the social care services had so many cases seldom that they have been overburdened.