First shipment of Sinopharm vaccine to arrive at Barbados

Barbadians to experience hike in food bills
Barbadians to experience hike in food bills

While noting the new cluster of COVID-19 cases on the island, the Health Minister of Barbados also said that they are supposed to receive the shipment of 30,000 doses of the Sinopharm vaccine from China on Friday.

He said that 1 case had been identified from the business sector. He also highlighted the expectation of increasing numbers in the cases as 3 more persons from the same business were also kept under the care in the Harrison Point Isolation Facility in the Northern parish of St Lucy.

PM Mia Amor Mottley also said that the existing curfew would go through some changes o would be lifted on June 30, and the parties would also be allowed on the island with some particular restrictions.

The Minister Bostic said that the cluster of the COVID-19 had also been increased. The institution also suggested that the people have not been wearing the face masks and have also not obeyed the strict guidelines of COVID-19.


Minister Bostic said that at a time when their cases were low, and they had those numbers in one business place. He wants to re-emphasize the call to all persons in the county not to be fooled by the fact that they had a low number of positive cases.

Health Minister said that The enemy had been still with them. It does not always raise their head for them to see, but that was clear and present danger. And, there has been a requirement for all of them all business places, all institutions to follow the protocols and should make sure that staff, clients and customers should do the same. If they do not continue along that path, then they would start to see some cases creeping up and some numbers that they do not want to see at that point in time.

While this occasion, he urged the people of the country to get vaccinated those who have not to get their vaccination shot. Minister Bostic said that once the vaccine is available, the citizens would start getting the vaccinations those were interested in having the vaccination.

Bostic said that the pending roll-out of the Sinopharm vaccine would include vaccination of approximately 250 Chinese living in Barbados.

Minister Bostic said that he had been encouraged by the fact that the vaccines have been used in Trinidad and Tobago and in several countries across the globe already, and he hopes that would encourage persons.