COVID-19 cases increase at business places

COVID-19 cases increase on business places
COVID-19 cases increase on business places

The cluster for COVID-19 has been increasing at the business site, with which these cases increased to 12.

Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic, present Minister of Health and Wellness, said that at that morning that the three persons have been sent for assessment at the Harrison Point Isolation Facility had tested positive with the COVID-19 virus along with their 2 family members.


After tracing the aggressive contact of COVID-19 that was traced by the health officials. 40 people have been under quarantine Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic stated.

Lieutenant Colonel Bostic said all staff members had been tested for COVID-19, and he also urged the authorities that they should contain the clusters “in the coming days”.

Lieutenant Colonel Bostic said that he would like to take that opportunity to urge persons to come forward and present themselves to be vaccinated. It had significant for persons to take advantage of that because that has been the best way of containing the virus so that they could breathe a lot better and be able to do the things they were accustomed to doing that they had even persons who have only had one so far, they are provided with a level of protection from the virus that is still commendable, but we want for persons who have not been vaccinated to come forward.

When Helth Minister was asked to reveal the name of the business place that has been highlighted, but Minister Bostic refused to tell the name of the institution, stating that it has not been the Ministry’s policy to reveal the name of private companies or businesses with COVID-19 cases.

Lieutenant Colonel Bostic said that their policy had been very consistent in terms of the naming of businesses. When they named an institution, they would recognise that it has been a government institution. The companies or the businesses themselves sometimes issued statements and made that known to the public. He wants to continue in that vein.