PM Mottley assists people affected by freak storm

Barbados receives a booster payout from CCRIF
Barbados receives a booster payout from CCRIF

The government of Barbados has been called up now to provide help to the people those have been affected by the freak storm due to which the may home have been damaged and uprooted trees, disrupted utilities across the northern and central portion of the island, after getting affected by the ashes of the volcano and COVID-19 pandemic.

PM Mia Amor Mottley, after taking a tour of the impacted areas, said that the citizens who have been affected by the severe storm that came Thursday’s morning should not feel alone as the government and the whole country would be with them. She said that the material for rebuilding the affected houses have been sending to the people. After the agencies of the government surveyed the areas.

PM Mottley also highlighted the names of the areas that got affected by the storm. Fruitful Hill and Lower Parks, Fruitful Hill and Lower Parks, St Joseph, St Lucy, Orange Hill, St James, Glenburnie and Zores, St John, White Hill, St Andrew and Bayfield, St Philip.

PM Mottley said that many educational infrastructures have to suffer from severe damage like The Lodge School and Alleyne School, Grantley Adams Secondary School.

The uncommon weather system that dropped quite five inches of rain, 40 km/winds, and almost constant lightning also resulted in power and water interruptions across northern sections of the island.

Prime Minister said, “The reality is that in all of this, we have to continue to find the means to ensure that our people do not walk alone,”

This has been a tough 18 months starting from January 2020, from the pandemic to the ashfall that hit us at the start of April and to this event, which is a freak storm.

For the Prime Minister, the events are another warning of the need for household roofs that are more structurally sound.