US Southern command donates maritime parts to Barbados Coast Guards

US Southern command donates maritime parts to Barbados Coast Guards
US Southern command donates maritime parts to Barbados Coast Guards

During a handover ceremony held at the headquarters of Barbados Coast Guard, HMBS PELICAN. US Southern Command donated essential maritime parts to the Barbados Coast Guard.

The donation, approximately cost for US$195,000, is part of the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI) Foreign Military Financing Program and was led by the U.S. Embassy in Bridgetown with support from the U.S. Coast Guard’s Office of International Acquisitions Program.


The marine additional parts kit will support multiple vessels previously donated by the U.S. Embassy’s Military Liaison Office and, therefore, the Bureau of International Narcotics and enforcement Affairs to the Barbados Coast Guard. It can assist with future maintenance and operations to make sure capability to conduct maritime patrols, counter illicit-trafficking operations, and maintain border security.


Diplomats of the U.S. Embassy in Barbados, Joaquin Monserrate, noted that the handover ceremony reflects the long-going commitment of the U.S. to Barbados and therefore the region to support sustained peace and security. He said that they were pleased with the chance to still partner with the professional men and ladies of the Barbados defence and Coast Guard.

Speaking from the side of the Barbados Coast Guard, Commander Mark Peterson said that the donation was timely, have well-received and would undoubtedly boost the Barbados Coast Guard’s maritime capacity. Barbados has allied with the United States, continue to play a pivotal role in marine safety and security.

The Barbados Coast Guard is that the maritime element of the Barbados defence. Its responsibilities include territorial security, patrolling Barbados body of water and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), and conducting admiralty law enforcement, counter-narcotic, search and rescue. In 2007 and 2008, the Coast Guard accepted delivery of three Damen Stan 4207 patrol vessels, the HMBS Leonard C Banfield, HMBS Rudyard Lewis and HMBS Trident.
Named after the Barbados Defence Force’s (BDF) first chief-of-staff Colonel Leonard Banfield.