Bhutan: Koufuku International's Dairy Processing Facility empowers Goenpa village

Bhutan: Koufuku International’s Dairy Processing Facility empowers Goenpa village

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Thimphu, Bhutan: The dairy processing facility owned by Koufuku International in Chenary, Trashigang, has become a dependable outlet for the milk produced in the isolated Bhutanese village of Goenpa, according to The Bhutan Live.

Although the farmers profit from this practical arrangement, they think the existing milk prices need to be revised because the price of animal feed is rising.

Jersey cows are the main source of revenue for farmers in Goenpa. They are proud members of Yadi Gonor Detshen, a group of dairy farmers comprising about 80 people. They can stop worrying about finding a market for their dairy products by selling their milk to the dairy company.

One of the numerous people who benefit from the dairy processing facility is Dorji, the chairman of Yadi Gonor Detshen. The 56-year-old milk his cow each day and brings it to the milk collecting shelter, where other members congregate as well in anticipation of the collection van’s arrival.

The milk is brought to the Yadi milk collection hub, which is immediately cooled in a machine to stop spoiling before being sent to the processing facility.

With a monthly milk output of over 300 litres, Dorji makes over Nu 10,000, which he uses to buy supplies for his home.

“Everyone wins when we sell the firm our milk because it lessens our workload. It would take more labour to make cheese and butter than we already do,” The Bhutan Live quoted Dorji as saying. It added, “We occasionally have trouble finding a market for these things.”

The other members of Yadi Gonor Detshen feel the same way about the advantages of selling their milk to the dairy processing facility.

“I think it would be better to take our milk to the Chenary processing facility. We won’t make any money if we carry the milk. We have gotten a lot out of it, said cooperative member Zangmo.”

Another participant, Kinzang Choden, said, “I just depend on livestock. I can make Nu 14,000 to Nu 15,000 a month by selling 10 to 11 litres of milk every day. Our neighbourhood’s farmers depend on cattle to a degree of about 50%. We wouldn’t be able to support our way of life without cows. In addition, we fertilise our fields using cow dung.”

Currently, the dairy firm sells about 275 litres of milk per day. According to The Bhutan Live, they do believe that Koufuku should raise milk pricing to reflect the increasing cost of animal feed.