Naykap Gokab: Bhutan's new online platform boosting regional innovation, investment

Naykap Gokab: Bhutan’s new online platform boosting regional innovation, investment

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Thimphu, Bhutan: A new online platform called Naykap Gokab has been introduced in Bhutan with the goal of promoting regionally unique ideas and solutions, according to The Bhutan Live.

The platform links investors, policymakers, and entrepreneurs to create opportunities for investment as well as collaboration. The web application, created by a group of young software engineers in association with the UNDP, DHI, and the Industry, Commerce, and Employment Ministry, intends to support Bhutan’s innovation ecosystem.

The website was created by a team of four young people. According to The Bhutan Live, Naykab Gokab was conceptualised by four young people in their twenties: Tandin Tshewang, Jigme Lodey, Kuenzang Choden, and Thinley Dhendup.

More than 80 registrations show how much interest individuals have so far in the platform. The guest speakers praised the web application for its distinctive strategy for bringing regional innovators and investors together, offering them a chance to present their work and look for funding for their initiatives.

Naykap Gokab’s founder, Tandin Tshewang, stated, “In the past, even when people had creative ideas, they didn’t know where to communicate them. People can easily sign up and share their thoughts using a web application like this one. That way, their ideas will be accessible to everyone, and they will have access to mentors. Additionally, this will aid in their search for investors.

The website is user-friendly and simple to use, according to The Bhutan Live, making it accessible to both investors and inventors. But according to the developers, they won’t stop there. To further accessibility, they intend to create a mobile app for the website in the future.

“Our current goal is to make the website as stable as possible so that users don’t encounter any problems,” said Tandin Tshewang. “However, as time passes, we plan to create a mobile version of the website, which will increase accessibility to the platform,” he added.

The platform is expected to promote a climate of cooperation and investment that will benefit both innovators and investors, according to the Minister of Industry, Commerce, and Employment. According to The Bhutan Live, innovation and the economy are anticipated to grow in the country.