India: North East Regatta 2023 commences in Meghalaya

India: North East Regatta 2023 commences in Meghalaya

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Meghalaya, India: Paul Lyngdoh, the tourism minister for Meghalaya, gave a green flag for starting of the North East Regatta 2023 on Saturday at the spotless Umiam Watersports Complex.

Over 100 participants, including 12 clubs, from over ten states in India are expected at the five-day event. The 5-day racing spectacle also features teams from the Indian Army and Naval Services.

The tourism office has developed a project called North East Regatta 2023 in partnership with the Umiam Sailors Club, the first organisation of its type in Meghalaya. The purpose of this regatta is to promote sailing and related activities, such as parasailing and diving.

Paul Lyngdoh, the tourism minister, stated in an interview with EastMojo that “We are capable of developing international stars in this specific sport in addition to national talents. In the future, Meghalaya hopes to hold water sports competitions on a national scale. An occasion of this magnitude will inspire the next generation to succeed in this sport.

“Additionally, we will introduce a yacht and a lake cruise so that these events quicken the pace of tourism in the region,” Lyngdoh added.

The chairman of the technical committee, Colonel Vivek Kalavat, praised the state government for its eagerness to host the event for the first time in history.

Colonel Kalavat responded when asked if the weather is good for sailors, “In the last few days, we have noted that the weather was constantly changing. Technically proficient sailors will make an effort to utilise the wind. Additionally, sailors enjoy themselves even more if it’s windy and rainy.”

“We will also be introducing yachts here and lake cruises so that such activities accelerate the pace of tourism in the state,” Lyngdoh added.

Alekya Condoo, a member of the Secunderabad Sailing Club, expressed her admiration for the organisers’ excellent choice of place. “It’s really interesting and challenging, and hopefully, it’ll be fun,” added Condoo.

The concert that has been planned at Umiam is something Condoo and other sailors from different clubs are looking forward to as well.

On April 29 and 30, the regatta will feature thrilling boat racing and electrifying music performances with a broad lineup of regional, national, as well as international artists to make it a high-octane event. In addition to nature excursions and food and flea markets, there are paintball fields, camping areas, tour packages for sailors and visitors, and river cruise boats have recently been introduced at scenic Umiam.

South Korean K-Pop sensation Kim Woojin will be the main attraction at the event today, while Delhi-based band Twin Strings will be the main attraction on Day 2. There are also a number of other equally talented and varied artists on the schedule, including Lynx, Ricaa Stella, Rum & Monkeys, LB3, Banrap, Young Natee, Larger Than 90, and DJ Favian.

Titosstarwell Chyne, the CEO of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council, Dr Vijay Kumar D, the Commissioner and Secretary of the Government of Meghalaya, LR Bishnoi, the Director General of Police, Cyril V. Diengdoh, the Director of Tourism, and Lt. Col. Alok Yadav, the Technical Director of the Umiam Sailing Club, all attended the opening ceremony.