UK: Indian Diaspora thriving under PM Modi's Leadership, says UM Jitendra Singh

UK: Indian Diaspora thriving under PM Modi’s Leadership, says UM Jitendra Singh

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London, United Kingdom: The Indian Diaspora living in the United Kingdom have seen visible change and better positioning since Narendra Modi has taken over in the role of Prime Minister of India, said Union Minister Jitendra Singh on Saturday.

During an interview with Asia News International (ANI), Union Minister of India Jitendra Singh, noted that he participated in an interactive session with the Indian Diaspora in London. He said that the last eight to nine years have been beneficial and changed for good for the members and Indian Diaspora after Prime Minister Narendra Modi took charge.

The diaspora said that a positive change could be seen, which holds a significant place for them. The observation of UM Singh was also supported by the other members who had visited India recently.

In his remarks, Singh also cited that all the professionals from the UK and other parts across the globe are now looking back at India, who migrated with some disillusionment.

While representing the diaspora, he added that the people also think and regret their destiny that did not allow them to wait till Prime Minister Modi became the Prime Minister of India.

Since PM Modi has taken over the position, the belief and esteem of the Indian diaspora have boosted significantly, said Singh. The reports stated that Union Minister Jitendra Singh held the session with the Indian diaspora on Saturday on the sidelines of his six-day visit to the United Kingdom.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken every necessary step and measure to boost the esteem and self-image of the Indian diaspora living abroad to a whole new level, said the statement issued by the Minister of Science and Technology.

Meanwhile, Union Minister Jitendra Singh shed light on the ideology of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ of Prime Minister Modi and outlined that the entire world has its eye on the Indian diaspora, filled with hope and expectations. It is the right occasion to stand up and contribute to the welfare of humankind while maintaining the spirit of humanity, said the Minister.

During the meeting, he also encouraged the members of the Indian diaspora to support and channel the resources to assist the Government of India back home in its various initiatives around the globe. He added that India plays a major role in shaping the world for the better.

The significance of Science and Technology has also been emphasized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as it is the driving force important for the growth of the economy and living standards, read the statement of UM Singh.

In the end, Minister Singh expressed his joy and happiness regarding participating in the meeting and getting a chance to interact with the diaspora, reports noted.