Belize takes a stand against Israel following Gaza offensive

Belize cuts diplomatic ties with Israel and condemns bombing campaign in Gaza.

Belize takes strong stand against Israel following Gaza offensive. (Image Credits: WIPO)
Belize takes strong stand against Israel following Gaza offensive. (Image Credits: WIPO)

Belize has come out as an unlikely source of condemnation towards the Israeli offensive in Gaza. The Central American nation is especially irked by the fact that Israel has persisted in its extensive bombing campaign in Gaza, despite multiple calls for a ceasefire.

As a result, the Government of Belize has decided to take action and has listed measures which are aimed specifically at Israel. The government has followed the necessary protocol by gaining approval from the Cabinet, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Immigration and PUP members of the House of Representatives.

Thus, the following measure have been put in place with immediate effect:

  1. The Government of Belize has rescinded its accreditation of E. Einat Kranz-Neiger, who holds the position of Israel’s Ambassador to the nation of Belize.
  2. The appointment of the Honorary Consul and all pursuits associated with the Israeli Consulate in Belize have been suspended indefinitely.
  3. The Government of Belize has also come to the decision of withdrawing its Honorary Consul in Tel Aviv and suspending all activities under the remit of the Honorary Consul of Belize in Israel.
  4. The Government of Belize has also withdrawn its request for the accreditation of Mr. Jonathan Enav, who was meant to occupy the role of Belize’s Honorary Consul.

The Government of Belize has expressed its distaste for Israel’s bombing campaign in Gaza since Hamas’s attack on the 7th of October. Belize is especially appalled by the fact that Israel’s bombardment has led too the deaths of more than 11,000 people, most of whom are said to be women and children.

The loss of public property and resources has also been astounding, ravaging the landscape and levelling schools, hospitals and essential public infrastructure.

To make matters worse, over 1 million citizens have been displaced due to the conflict in Gaza. Worst of all, they have no good options to avail where their safety and security can be guaranteed.

Citizens in Gaza have been engulfed by a humanitarian crisis which seems to get worse every day as they face a lack of food, water, medical supplies and electricity. In the eyes of the Government of Belize, all of this can be attributed to the Israeli siege of Gaza.

The Government of Belize has also stated that since the beginning of an open conflict between Israel and Hamas, Israel has violated the Human Rights of Gaza’s citizens, International Humanitarian Law and International Laws.

An official statement from the government condemned the actions of the IDF, “We have appealed to Israel to implement an immediate ceasefire and to allow unimpeded access to humanitarian supplies into Gaza. Despite our requests, Israel has not stopped its violations of international humanitarian law nor allowed relief workers to alleviate the suffering of millions of Gazans.”

Belize has continued to push for an open transfer of aid to Gaza, an immediate cessation of hostilities and the release of all hostages.