Barbados to Host IFBB World Cup 2024

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Barbados is set to host the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) World Cup 2024 in May. The nation marked itself in the list of international governing bodies for the world event. The event will be organized as a part of the Roger Boyce Classic. 

According to reports, the Vice President of the Barbados Amateur Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (BABBFF), Roger Boyce, announced the IFBB World Cup 2024 on Thursday at the official launch of the Roger Boyce Classic and IFBB World Cup. 

Noting this, the launch was scheduled to be held at the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc (BTMI) in One Barbados Place, Warrens and St Michael. The IFBB World Cup is expected to bring about 300 Athletes from Africa and South and Central America. 

Boyce, who also served as the first vice president of Central America and the Caribbean, extended a vote of thanks to BTMI and the National Sports Council for their efforts and hoped for the huge success of the IFBB.

While speaking about the forthcoming World Cup, the Director of the National Sports Council- Neil Murrell, lauded the unwavering dedication of the Roger Boyce Classic for producing interest in bodybuilding. 

“Mr. Boyce followed up with the Roger Boyce Classic, where he partnered with BABBFF to promote bodybuilding in Barbados.  And during that time, we discovered that bodybuilding has taken off again in Barbados”, added Murrell. 

He further underscores the importance of classics, as many people across the globe came to participate in the event. A number of attendees from countries including Russia, Poland, Canada, New York, and many more arrived in Barbados for the Roger Boyce Show. 

The Director also talked about the collaboration between the Council and the BABBFF. Such partnership fosters the human resource bodybuilding capital at both the community and association levels. 

“Just last year in November, the National Sports Council worked with the BABBFF and the IFBB to bring in facilitator Professor Mauricio de Campus to train 60 individuals from the community in the sports of weightlifting and bodybuilding because we at the NSC believe that  …body fitness is the foundation of most sports”, remarked Murrell. 

Additionally, such events will increase tourism in the Barbados, which will have a positive impact on the nation’s economy. It is a great opportunity to promote the vibrant culture and traditions of the island nation. 

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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