Barbados: Health Ministry shares details about competition on World Health Day, April 7
Barbados: Health Ministry shares details about competition on World Health Day, April 7 || Picture Courtesy: Facebook
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Bridgetown, Barbados: Ministry of Health and Wellness of Barbados has recently shared an update regarding the activities and competitions to be held on the occasion of World Health Day. The day is commemorated on April 7 every year to raise awareness about the significance of physical health.

According to the update shared by the Ministry, on Friday, April 7, they will be commemorating World Health Day and the work of their partners in the health sector through a Cook-Off Competition themed “Health for All.”


While explaining the rules and importance of the competition, the Health Ministry outlined, “Armed with the knowledge that climate change impacts the food security of millions worldwide, especially in small island developing states like Barbados, three teams will compete to prepare healthy meals utilising local, organic, drought-tolerant produce as the main ingredients.”

It further highlighted that the objective of the competition would not only be to judge the cooking skills of the contestant but also to challenge their crisis-solving abilities. It is worth noting that the competition has been organised amid times when the world has been dealing with extreme food shortages and hunger issues.

“This competition not only challenges our cooking skills but our crisis-solving abilities as we seek to derive resilience from the threat of hunger due to food shortages,” the social media post by the Ministry of Health of Barbados informed.

It further mentioned, “Regardless of which team wins, we all, as humans, win.”

Furthermore, the Ministry introduced the teams to the general public and asked them to support them throughout the competition. “Show your support towards the teams,” it noted.

According to the update, the participating teams are:

– The Ashley Lashley Foundation
– Pan American Health Organization (PAHO Caribbean)
– PEG Farm and Nature Reserve
– The Ministry of Health and Wellness
– Queen’s College

While concluding the social media post, the Ministry of Health of Barbados congratulated the World Health Organisation for the completion of 75 successful years. “On this occasion, join us in congratulating the WHO on their 75th anniversary of striving for Universal Health Care,” it added.