Mark Maloney announces expansion of cement market of Rock Hard Cement

Mark Maloney announces expansion of cement market of Rock Hard Cement

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Bridgetown, Barbados: Rock Hard Cement, a famous Caribbean-based cement company, has recently felt the pride to announce the expansion of its cement market across the region and some parts of the world.

This announcement by the company was made during the time when many major players (Arawak Cement Plant) in the cement market stated that production would be cut at its plant. Various sources have claimed that major players announced cuts, and another is looking to expand.

The executive chairman of Rock Hard Cement, Mark Maloney, expressed gratitude and outlined that the firm has been working hard days and nights to be able to supply the demand.

Maloney has also reassured the public that the company is well-positioned to meet the rising demand for quality cement. The construction sector has been facing various challenges, including increased material and shipping costs, as well as an increase in demand internationally. However, the company is re-investing in the cement industry to ensure that construction costs remain affordable and quality cement is accessible to the public.

Currently, Rock Hard Cement supplies about 50,000 tonnes of cement annually, while overall demand is around 75,000 tonnes. The company is now expanding its production capacity to meet the growing demand for cement. This move is expected to boost the construction sector and create employment opportunities for many people.

Meanwhile, Arawak Cement Plant has announced plans to cut 123 of its 175 jobs and focus on clinker production and to meet local demand. This move is expected to impact the local economy, and the government has been urged to intervene and support the affected workers.

Rock Hard Cement’s commitment to investing in the cement industry and expanding its production capacity will help to address the challenges facing the construction sector. The move will also ensure that quality cement is accessible to the public at an affordable cost, thus driving growth and development in the industry.