Caribbean health authorities wish public on World TB Day 2023
Caribbean health authorities wish public on World TB Day 2023 (image courtesy Facebook)

Caribbean: The world, including the countries in the Caribbean region, commemorated World Tuberculosis Day on March 24, 2023, and raised awareness regarding the problem through various messages and activities.

On the day, the health authorities and the government of many Caribbean island countries shared social media posts, informing about symptoms, causes and treatment of the disease.

While wishing the general public, the Ministry of Health of Barbados noted, “Today is recognized as World TB Day The theme this year is ‘Yes! We Can End TB.’ Tuberculosis can be overcome. The early infection causes no symptoms as the immune system of the body protects against the spread, and in many cases, it remains inactive – the latent stage.”

Furthermore, it stated, “Active TB is a stage where immediate medication and care are needed with common symptoms: a persistent cough (which lasts for more than two weeks), cough with blood in sputum, fever for more than two weeks, pain in the chest, weight loss, night sweats and loss of appetite.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health of Guyana wished and encouraged the public to be strong and fight against TB. “World TB Day is commemorated to raise public awareness about the devastating health, social as well as economic consequences of tuberculosis as well as to step up efforts to end the global epidemic caused due to TB,” the social media post informed.

In addition to this, the government of Saint Lucia penned down a lengthy note informing the public about the disease and stated, “Thursday, March 24 2023, is World Tuberculosis Day. It is observed annually to remind the world of the seriousness of this disease, to raise awareness, and to reflect on the progress made to date to fight the disease.”

Further, it assured that the Ministry of Health remains committed to ending the TB epidemic and encourages the public to work with the health authorities to make this a reality.

The health authority of Trinidad and Tobago also joined the league and wished the people of the country and the world. It said, “Today is World TB Day 2023. Tuberculosis (TB) is caused by bacteria named Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and it affects the lungs. TB is spread through the air when people with sick lung cough, sneeze or spit.”

“Cough, fever, night sweats, or weight loss are some of the early signs. TB can be cured! People must take their medications exactly as directed. The Arima District Health Facility, the South West Regional Health Authority, the Chest Clinic at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Center, and the Scarborough General Hospital all provide TB testing and treatment services,” it added.

World TB Day, observed annually on March 24, is an important event for raising awareness about tuberculosis (TB) and its impact on global health. TB is a curable as well as preventable disease, yet it remains a significant public health threat, causing illness along with death for millions of people worldwide every year. This day acts as a reminder of the urgent need to work towards ending the TB epidemic and achieving the Sustainable Development Goal of ending TB by 2030. World TB Day provides an opportunity for governments, health organizations, civil society groups, and individuals to come together to raise awareness, advocate for increased funding and resources for TB prevention and treatment, and promote efforts to reach the most vulnerable populations affected by the disease.