Barbadian Jockey DJ Puffy conveys his message towards girl through social media
Barbadian Jockey DJ Puffy conveys his message towards girl through social media

Jamaica: The Barbadian disc jockey Andre Parris professionally known as DJ Puffy, recently apologised to a Jamaican girl for saying ‘Hi’ to her. He took his official Twitter account to convey his message towards that girl.

His tweet read, “I wanna publicly apologise to the girl in Jamaica that I said Hi to last night.”

DJ Puffy further clarified that he thought that the girl was his friend and she looked just like her. “Sorry if I weirded you out,” he outlined.

Many people were curious to know about his experience and raised their questions in the comment section of the post. Many of the users commented on the laughing emoticon and made fun of the incident.

A user named DJ Tucker pointed out, “Are Jamaican women that unapproachable?” to this, DJ Puffy replied, “I think I made it kinda awks cuz I approached her as though I knew her. Do you know when you expect someone to respond in a certain way?! Lol was kinda weird for real.”

DJ 3rd Degree named user also suggested, “You should have approached from the front to recognise her, lmao,” so he answered, “The thing is….. I did, lol.”

DJ Puffy, the Barbadian disc jockey, is the winner of the Red Bull Music 3Style World DJ Championships in Santiago, Chile. During the championship, he entered as a wildcard contestant and became the first-ever contestant from the Caribbean Region to reach the final. He also became the first Barbadian to qualify and won the qualifying round.

Apart from this, Puffy has also participated in the winning time of Toronto’s 24Hours/24DJS competition. He was invited by Canadian Prince Dr Jay de Soca to join this team. This competition was loved by the audience as it was streamed live by the Vibe105 radio station at York University in Toronto, Canada.

Besides this, he was also engaged in production-related work. During the years 2017 and 2018, Puffy worked for Caribbean Soca Artiste Machel Montano in Waves and Showtime. Additionally, in August 2017, his music reached all ears of the world. Puffy’s “Bangalang,” was released through international airwaves and was featured on BBC Music. The project featured Barbadian rapper Teff Hinkson and DJ Puffy.

Some of his other work included, Puffy has served as an official ambassador of Carifesta XIII, the Caribbean Festival. He also performs on the Caribbean Carnival Circuit. Along with this, after becoming the winner of the 2016 Red Bull 3Style, he actively participated in collaboration with Pioneer and Serato to facilitate workshops.