Bahamas: Two men with suitcases loaded with cash captured at Inagua airport

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Bahamas: The Police officials have arrested two men at the Inagua International Airport, Bahamas after a search revealed four suitcases filled with an unaccounted amount of cash on Thursday.

In a joint operation with – OPBAT, the police officers from the Drug Enforcement and Marine Support Unit discerned two men who disembarked an aircraft acting in a suspicious manner shortly after 9 am.

Police in their report cited that, “The officers surrounded the suspects and informed them that they were suspected of being – in possession of dangerous drugs and firearms and requested them to conduct a search, to which the suspects gave the nod.”

In their report, the Police officials have stated that while the field search was carried out, the officers were able to discover four suitcases. When the Police opened those suitcases, they found them all filled with an undetermined amount of currency.

“The suspects were not able to give a satisfactory description of how they came into possession of the money. After which they were arrested, taken into custody, and transported into the New Providence where they were handed over to the – Financial Crimes Investigation Branch,” the report further concludeṣ.

Earlier this week, the Police has arrested three men in connection with an armed robbery while recovering two unlicensed firearms. The police officers received the information from an anonymous source that a woman was being approached by three men outside a business establishment on Tonique Darling Highway sometime after 2 pm.

The suspects were armed with the handguns and robbed the victim of an undetermined amount of cash before fleeing the place in a vehicle.

The Police report stated that “On seeing the police, the driver sped off,” the police report read. The officers chased them. During the pursuit, the suspects lost their control of the vehicle and crashed near the exit of the Southwest Plaza. Three male suspects exited the vehicle & fled on foot. A foot chase ensued; the officers later captured and arrested all the suspects.