PM Hubert Minis calls for early general elections in Bahamas

CDC puts Bahamas and Morocco under
CDC puts Bahamas and Morocco under "Level 4 COVID-19" category

Before 8 months of the actual date for the general election, the Bahamas will contest the election on September 16. PM Dr Hubert Minis stated.

PM Hubert Minis said that this time the election is being contested during the worst public health crisis. PM Minis referred to COVID-19 as the pandemic that had affected the entire humanity globally and resulted in millions of deaths.

PM Minis said that under his administration, the Bahamas had acquired more than 550,000 vaccine doses of COVID-19. Many recent shipments had also been received by the island, after which the government is focused on vaccinating as many residents as possible.

PM Minis said, “Our goal is for The Bahamas to be one of the most vaccinated small-island developing countries in the world. As a result of our country reach the goal of securing the vaccines we need, it is now time for the Bahamian people to choose who they want to lead them as we move toward vaccinating every Bahamian who wishes to be vaccinated.”

Prime Minister Minnis informed citizens that their next administration would have fundamental decisions to enact post-pandemic public health law, continued economic growth, and rebuilding and restoring a post-COVID-19 Bahamas.

PM Minis said that a new mandate would be required to guarantee that a government is in place to do the difficult work over the long term as they have been reaching a critical turning point in the pandemic.

Prime Minister Minnis further urged political parties to carry their campaigns in a while, ensuring the public health guidelines. So that there should be no further spread of the deadly COVID-19.