Philip Davis sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Bahamas

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Bahamas: Philip ‘Brave’ Davis was sworn in as the new Prime Minister of the Bahamas on Friday during a private ceremony at the Office of the Governor-General.

Davis led PLP – Progressive Liberal Party towards a tremendous victory by winning 32 seats out of 39 in the general elections.

While the Chairman of PLP – Fred Mitchell, is showing faith in the newly elected Prime Minister and cited that the new government under his leadership will be in place certainly not beyond Saturday,”

While addressing the media, the Chairman stated that, “In our system, as you all are aware, as soon as the election results get finalized by the public officials, in this case, the Parliamentary Commissioner. A letter is written to the – Governor-General to advise him of the winner, and the Governor-General then writes a letter to invite the Prime Minister-designate to form a government.”

Mitchell further pointed out that the first step which they will take now for the welfare of the people shows that how much the government is serious for the development of the nation and keep its promises.

The new government is having many challenges ahead of them, mainly the economic crisis that the island nation is currently facing amid the COVID-19 outbreak. As per to the data shared by the Bahamas Finance Minister, the national debt stood at – US$10.356 billion at the end-June 2021, projecting a $951 million fiscal deficit for 2021-2022.

This has been a huge win for PLP, and the citizens have shown their faith in Davis led government this time. In the previous general elections of 2017, Free National Movement led by Hubert Minnis won the elections over PLP by winning 35 seats.

Although, the COVID-19 cases in the nation have risen to more than 20,000, while around 530 people lost their lives to the deadly mutant. Now it depends on the new government which measures they will take to control the contagious virus’s spread in the country.