CDC puts Bahamas and Morocco under “Level 4 COVID-19” category

CDC puts Bahamas and Morocco under
CDC puts Bahamas and Morocco under "Level 4 COVID-19" category

The reports that have been published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Preventions Regularly revised travel advisories list. The list shows that Bahamas and Morocco have now been among the highest risk destinations for travelers going to these islands.

According to the CDC, people should not travel to the locations that have been designated with the “level 4 covid-19 very high”. The travelers who are travelling to these locations should have been fully vaccinated.

The destinations that have been moved to list of level 4 on August 23 are:-

Saint Maarten

The list made by the CDC of travel notices is now ranging from level 1(“low”) to level 4 (“very high”).

According to the CDC criteria, the destinations for tourism that fall into levels 4 categories consist of 500 cases over 100,000 residents in the past 28 days. The destination that has been consisting of cases between 100 and 500 per 100,000 residents in the last 28 days have been mentioned in the level 3 category.

The destinations recently added to the level 4 category were previously ranked at “level 3 covid-19 high”.

After the reports were published, the prime minister of the Bahamas announces the curfew on Saturday, August 21, from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. to mitigate the effect of covid-19 spread across the island. The prime minister highlighted the areas under curfew: Abaco and Abaco Cays, Exuma, North-South and Central Andros. The Prime minister urged the citizens of Haiti to take every measure against COVID-19 during the recovery efforts after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti in the southern areas on August 14.

10 new destinations have been kept in the category of “level 3 covid-19 high” on Monday. Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Brunei and Liechtenstein moved up from level one.

Bulgaria and Serbia relocated from level two. Greenland and Guernsey changed from “level unknown.” And Paraguay moved down from level four.

CDC guided the travelers to these destinations that if the travelers are unvaccinated so they should avoid non-essential travel to these locations. CDC had recommended avoiding all travel until the individual is fully vaccinated