Bahamas records 38th Homicide: Man shot dead in Nassau, police initiate investigations

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Bahamas marks the 38th homicide following the murder a man who was shot to death in a shooting incident that took place at Cowpen Road at Nassau.

According to police report, the officers of Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPS) received a shot spotter alert at around 11 pm on Wednesday. They responded to the matter swiftly and arrived at the location.

Upon arrival, they discovered the body of the deceased lying motionless near to a fruit stand, opposite to Montgomery Avenue. It has been found that the he received an apparent gunshot wound about his head.

The emergency medical practitioner was called at the scene and he examined the body of the man and declared that he had no vital signs of life. He succumbed to the injury about his head.

The police stated that the victim is yet to be identified. This murder took ‘The Bahamas’ 2024 homicide figure to 38. The investigation is ongoing regarding the matter. The authorities urged the public with any information to come forward and assist them in their investigation.

Additionally, the island nation has recently reported its 35th Homicide, allegedly the former Member of Parliament, Don Saunders. The incident took place in the last week of March.

While addressing the media following a murder, the Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander declined to formally identify the victim. The police have checked the CCTV cameras near to the crime-spot and urged encouraged residents of the close-knit community for any kind of information.

Such stances of homicides put the security and safety of the nationals at risk and have bad effects on the tourism of the country. The people will be scared to visit the country due to an increase in the criminal activities.

The spike in crimes reflect the negative image of the country which resulted in the decline of the tourist’s demand. The authorities are advised to take significant efforts to combat the problem of crimes to ensure a safe environment for the citizens and tourists.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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