Chinese Senior Legislator sits with Speaker of Bahamas Parliament in landmark meeting

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Patricia Deveaux, the Speaker of the Bahamas Parliament and Julie LaShell Adderley, the President of the Senate, were joined by a delegation from the Bahamas as they met Zhao Leji, a Senior Chinese Legislator during an official visit.

Zhao Leji is the chairman of the National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee and welcomed the delegation from the Bahamas to the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

Zhao highlighted the fact that the two nations established diplomatic relations 27 years ago and have collaborated in a diligent manner to improve upon them over time.

This has allowed China and the Bahamas to reach a point now, where both nations think of each other as reliable partners with excellent bilateral relations which have benefitted both sides over the years.

He also added that the flourishing relations between the two nations have allowed them to focus on cultural exchange, bring their people closer together as communities, while also facilitating collaborative efforts through which they have addressed many of their concerns and needs with regards to major issues on the international and regional levels.

The two nations have supported each other at various junctures and have exhibited a mutual understanding when it comes to matters of grave concern to them.

Despite these positive developments, Zhao said that China wishes to deepen the diplomatic relations between the two nations further and grow their bilateral relationship at a faster rate.

Zhao gave the following statement, “We welcome the Bahamas to join the Belt and Road Initiative at an early date to open broader space for mutually beneficial cooperation and common development.”

He added that China is working with the Bahamas in the hope that the Caribbean nation will join the ‘three global initiatives’ in an attempt to promote peace, stability and security around the world.

China has also reiterated its stance on the effects of climate change, especially with regards to small island nations, which have been bearing the brunt of it. Thus, the two nations wish to establish better lines of communication to counter climate change through a coordinated effort, rather than working individually on it.

According to Zhao, it is vital that legislative bodies on both sides work together to help bilateral relations flourish, by allowing for effective exchange with the House of Assembly and Senate of the Bahamian parliament.

He added that, “We will give full play to the functions and roles of legislative bodies, create a sound legal environment for the two countries to strengthen trade and investment cooperation and expand personnel exchanges, strengthen coordination and cooperation within multilateral frameworks such as the Inter-Parliamentary Union, and safeguard the common interests of developing countries.”

The delegation from the Bahamas reiterated the nation’s stance on the one-China policy, adding that they have seen the efforts put in by the people of China to ensure that the nation’s vision is realized.

They also spoke of the help provided to the Bahamas by China, which has facilitated significant social and economic development in the Caribbean nation.

The two sides have made strides in enhancing the level of exchange between the Bahamian parliament’s House of Assembly and Senate, with the NPC of China, thus allowing them to work better together economically, socially, culturally, in trade and legislation.

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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