Antigua and Barbuda: PM Gaston Browne shares excited pictures of rally in nomination day
Antigua and Barbuda: PM Gaston Browne shares excited pictures of rally in nomination day
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Antigua and Barbuda: Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Gaston Browne shared a cheerful picture after filing his nomination on the nomination day on December 28, 2022. He shared gladdened and encouraged photos from the road rally of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party. In the shared photograph, people were seen hugging and supporting the political party and leader of ABLP.


He posted the pictures with a caption, dedicating to the people, and wrote, “On the ROAD… TO VICTORY for the PEOPLE!”


The people of Antigua and Barbuda were all excited and joined the leader of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour party Gaston Browne and his wife, Maria Browne, who will be representing the political party from St John’s Rural East Constituency. The people also showed their enthusiasm through the comment section of the social media post.


One of the users, while supporting the ABLP and its candidates, wrote, “Red and ready keep the red flag flying.” Another stated, “Glory to Gaston!” and the third one mentioned, “Win for Gaston Browne, Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party.”


General Elections 2023 will be contested by around 53 candidates, and out of all, 17 candidates will be representing the Labour Party from different constitutions of the island nation.

The list of the candidates will which be contesting from different constituencies of Antigua and Barbuda is as follows:


  • ABLP leader Gaston Browne will represent the country from St John’s City West
  • Melford Nicholas will represent the party from St John’s City East
  • Steadroy Cutie Benjamin from St John’s City South
  • Gail Christian from St John’s Rural West
  • Daryll Matthew from St John’s Rural South
  • Maria Browne from St John’s Rural East
  • Charles Fernandez from St John’s Rural North
  • Molwyn Morgorson Joseph from St Mary’s North
  • Samantha N. Marshall from St Mary’s South
  • Colin James from All Saints East & St Luke
  • Michael Browne from All Saints West
  • Dean Jonas from St George
  • Rawdon Turner from St Peter
  • Robin Yearwood from St Philip North
  • Lennox Weston from St Philip South
  • EP Chet Greene from St Paul
  • Knacyntar Ceira Nedd from Barbuda