Antigua and Barbuda cheers public for World Wellness Weekend

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Antigua and Barbuda: The World Wellness Weekend is to be held in the country of Antigua and Barbuda in September 2024. This would freshen up the citizens with the activities which will take place under this.

The tourism ministry of Antigua and Barbuda highlighted that activities like Zumba, Hiking, Ice Bath challenge and yoga sessions went so well during the wellness month in January. The ministry mentioned, “Feeling the good vibes from our incredible Zumba, hiking and other activities.”

The ministry added that the energy and joyful moves rendered all the refreshed, revitalized vibes to the ones who participated in the activities.

The ministry quoted the question, “Who’s ready to dance their way to a healthier and happier lifestyle? Let’s keep this wellness journey going strong together!”

By this question, the purpose of the ministry was to introduce and announce to the people about World Wellness Weekend which is to take place in September this year. The ministry also shared some of the glimpses.

From the glimpses, the joy people had from the activities is so evidently visible.

The country successfully concluded the wellness month of Antigua and Barbuda in January. For this, even the country’s wellness providers gathered at Clean Food ‘N Jooce. The evening included everything that included networking or dining on healthy bites.

The food was served at the cafe’s new location which is now being wowed by the Brydens Antigua selection of non-alcoholic bubbly. The networking evening offered greatly to the guests to learn about Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority’s marketing activities.

Probing ahead, Zumba sessions held under the wellness month were with Celene Senhouse. This was held on January 28 at Ffryes Beach. Interesting is the part that there was no cost for the session.

Not only this, but a yoga session as well was held on the same day, January 2. However, the location was different, which is Hodges Bay Resort & Spa. The sessions were held with Clemmie and King.

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