Antigua and Barbuda Wellness month concludes successfully

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Antigua and Barbuda: The country, Antigua and Barbuda celebrated its Wellness Month in January which just ended. For this, the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority and Antigua and Barbuda’s wellness providers gathered at Clean Food ‘N Jooce.

This evening included everything, be it networking or dining on healthy bites which were served at the cafe’s new location, which now is being wowed by the Brydens Antigua selection of non-alcoholic bubbly.

Such a networking evening offered great to the guests to learn about the Antigua and Barbuda tourism authority’s marketing activations. These activations are geared towards travellers seeking to embrace the outdoors, and activeness and find tranquil and serene spaces. Also, it included the enjoyment of fresh cuisine and a focus on wellness while on vacation.

Considerably, among the guests present in the evening, one was Jwan-Guy de Gabriac, who is the founder of World Wellness Weekend (WWW). The WWW is celebrated in 120 countries and is supported by 60 global organizations. Further, the founder extended his thanks to the destination for their outstanding support and participation in the World Wellness Weekend held in September 2023. 

Moreover, he was awarded the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority as a Wellness Champion. Also, presented the awards to two more authorities that is:

  • Tricia Greenaway – World Wellness Weekend Ambassador
  •  Keisha Schahaff  – World Wellness Weekend Wellness Leader
Antigua and Barbuda Wellness Month, credits to Antigua and Barbuda tourism authority Facebook page
Antigua and Barbuda Wellness Month, credits to Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority Facebook page

Last year in 2023, Antigua and Barbuda’s wellness weekend was celebrated and included several events which included Yoga, Tai-chi, Socarobics. Also, hikes and school talks were its part which were organized by the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority and the wellness partners.

The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority’s Wellness Pillar Team expressed appreciation for the WWW recognition and thanked the wellness providers and participants who supported the event and Antigua and Barbuda Wellness Month. Both of these were designed to raise awareness of the destination’s wellness experiences.

Significantly, the wellness month was organized by the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority. And, the residents and visitors were invited to immerse themselves in Wellness by participating in the activities held under this.

This offered great experience to the participants through the Hiking Challenge, the Ice Bath Challenge, yoga, sound bathing, Zumba, wellness retreats, cooking classes and a range of wellness offers available on the twin-islands.

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