Antigua and Barbuda: Zumba and Yoga sessions to offer peace to citizens

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Antigua and Barbuda: An exercise day in Antigua and Barbuda to spread the freshness of mind and body. So, save the date January 28, 2024 (Sunday), when two of the sessions that are Zumba and Yoga for Wellbeing, will take place.

However, the locations for both are different, as Zumba will be at Ffryes Beach with Celene Senhouse, and Yoga will be at Hodges Bay Resort & Spa by Celemie and King. This will be held to promote wellness in the country.

Zumba with Celene Senhouse

The Zumba session will be held on January 28 at Ffryes Beach at 12:30 pm. And there is no cost for the same, and it is completely free to the general public. Importantly, the registrations for this event are open. One can register either by giving a call on (268) 562-7600 or through an email address that is

The Zumba session at the beautiful spot Ffryes Beach by Celene Senhouse will take the participants on a relaxing and calming journey with the essence of rhythmic waves within. Also, it will boost energy with the dance for a long period.

The Tourism Ministry of Antigua and Barbuda shared its information on its social media handle, where World Wellness Weekend expressed its views on this.

“Yayy! Such a great initiative,” commented World Wellness Weekend.

Yoga with Clemmie and King

The session will take place on the same day as Zumba, which is January 28, 2024. However, the location for this is different, that is Hodges Bay Resort & Spa. This is going to be an hour-long yoga session rendering great pleasure to the minds. 

The session will be by Clemmie London and King and will start at 8:30 am. Also, goodies will be provided free of cost. A buffet and a la carte Breakfast, which is optional, will cost $30 USD per person.

Clemmie and King to give yoga session in Antigua, credits to Antigua and Barbuda tourism Facebook Page
Clemmie and King to give yoga session in Antigua, credits to Antigua and Barbuda tourism Facebook Page

Considerably, anyone who wants more information by calling at 5627600 or through an email at

An advice has also been revealed for the same that is:

  • Wear loose clothing so one can move in.
  • Bring water and a towel
  • One can bring own yoga mat, however these will even be provided if required.

Also, an additional pleasure will be offered by healing sound baths along with the yoga. Even, to this World Wellness Weekend mentioned important by writing “Not to be missed for wellness seekers and active travelers.”

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