37-year-old Jamaican bus conductor charged with robbery and violence

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Clarendon, Jamaica: A 37-year-old man who is a bus conductor was held and charged by the police department in the case of robbery and causing violence against a woman who allegedly lost her cell phone in the criminal act that took place on Wednesday in Clarendon. 

The accused has been identified as Claymoure Sinclair alias ‘Nathchilous’ and ‘Deportee’, a bus conductor of Porus in Manchester. The identity and information of the woman have not been revealed yet by the authorities. 

As per the details shared by the investigating officers, the woman was walking along the roadway when the accused, Sinclair approached her and grabbed her left arm. Subsequently, the lady called out for help while struggling to save herself from the clutches of the accused. 

In order to protect herself, she got hit in her chest, which led the accused to take advantage of the period, and he allegedly took the woman’s cell phone and made a good escape from the area. 

Following the discovery of the incident, the citizens nearby informed the authorities about the act of crime. In response, the investigating officers took immediate action by visiting the crime spot. 

The swift action of the authorities of Jamaica led to the arrest of a man who was also identified by the victim. 

The residents of the community took to their social media accounts and acknowledged the quick response by the officers on the matter. They also appreciated the efforts of the officials for their unwavering commitment and dedication towards reducing crime rates in the nation. 

One person commented “Great efforts by the authorities, such criminal acts should strictly be stopped and the culprits should be punished for the cruelty they did. No one has the right to roam freely after committing the crime.”

Another person commented the following “Really appreciate the quick actions by the officers, they should continue to make such efforts to curb crimes in the nation.”

The residents of Jamaica have also urged the administration to implement strict measures to ensure the security and safety of every citizen of the nation. 

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