Kenneth Rijock uncovers truth behind disappearance of Mehul Choksi

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Kenneth Rijock, a renowned financial crime consultant and investigator, published a comprehensive research report to uncover the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of Indian businessman Mehul Choksi from Antigua and Barbuda in May 2021.

The investigation of Rijock has crystal cleared the clouded story of Mehul Choksi and stated that to escape the extradition to India; he decided to go to a country that had no extradition treaty with India. He had planned to frame the narrative of disappearing, which was later turned into kidnapping.

Rijock disclosed that Mehul Choksi planned to go to Cuba and instructed Jamaican transporters to make his escape from Antigua. Subsequently, the plans were modified into kidnapping when he was en route to Cuba and changed his direction to Dominica after getting calls about the potential threats at the former place.

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Rijock added, “Mehul Choksi and his transporters were en route to Cuba, he received a satellite call informing him that Cuba is no longer a secure location and that he should reconsider his decision due to potential threats. After the change in plans, Mehul Choksi requested his carriers to relocate the boat to Dominica, believing that the entire plot of “disappearing” being modified to “kidnapping” would aid his extradition case on the grounds of human rights, so preventing his extradition to India.”

While giving new direction to Mehul Choksi’s case, Rijock put forth his major findings in his investigation explaining how the entire plot of kidnapping and disappearing was formulated by Choksi.

  1. Firstly, the report of Kenneth Rijock outlined two Jamaicans Paul Stephen Emmanuel and Leonard Anthony Cole, who flew to Antigua from Jamaica to meet Choksi were involved in an escape of Mehul Choksi to Cuba. Their travel on the dates was confirmed by a source in immigration authorities of Antigua and Barbuda. Rijjock said that Jamaican transporters revealed that Choksi first asked them to transport him on May 24 2021. But later said that he would like to travel on the evening of May 23 2021 bringing in the angle that Barbara told Choksi she is leaving Antigua one day earlier (she was scheduled to travel on May 24 but due to a change in a plan she was to travel on the evening of May 23).

Rijock continued that according to statements of Barbara Jarabik, they (Choksi and Barbara) met in the morning of May 23,  2021 When Choksi picked her up at 9 AM and they reached Carlisle Bay around 9:30. Both stayed there till 12 noon. Between 9 AM to 12 noon upon being asked by him, Barbara told Choksi about her travel plans and might have also shared her itinerary. Choksi knew it was the best time to travel to Cuba, so he pressured the transporter to reach one day early.

However, the Jamaicans told Choksi they can only reach Antigua on the morning of May 24 2021. Choksi spend the whole night at the villa only and turned off the lights so his presence there would not be apparent.

  1. At the same time, Choksi’s family picked up his personal automobile and parked it on North Finger. It had been hidden the night before. They only informed the police in the morning to say they had found his car.

Further, Kenneth Rijock uncovered the findings of the plans of Choksi to escape to Cuba. He pointed out Cpl Williams who conducted a police investigation and searched Mehul Choksi and his vehicle (Toyota Mark-X A 54890) carried out an extensive mobile search for over 2 hours but was unable to locate Mehul Choksi or his vehicle. But, on May 24 2021 at 7:15 AM Cpl Williams called Al Hassari Mohammad (friend of Mehul Choksi) and Muhammad reported that he had just located Choksi’s car in the North Finger area of Jolly Harbour (near the villa 407 E&F).

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Rijock added that it was located in an area preciously checked by Cpl Williams a few hours earlier. It directly indicates that someone from the family or friend of Mehul Choksi parked his car near the villa 1 day after he was reported missing. Notably, the person/s who parked the car can also create a possible struggle scene at the villa 407 E&F to make it looks like a kidnap plot.

  1. Rijock added that according to police department’s leaked documents about Jamaican transporter, Choksi had fallen from stairs and sustained minor injuries.

While disclosing the involvement of two travellers (Gurmit Singh and Gurmit Bhandal) in the abduction case of Mehul Choksi, Rijock put forth his explanation and stated there is a big error in both scenarios as the vessel Calliope of Arne in which both tourists came to Dominica had cleared customs and immigration in Antigua early morning around 10 AM of May 23, 2021 and they had reached Dominica on the same day May 23 2021 around 12 midnight (Sunday).

Notwithstanding, Choksi was arrested from a beach in Dominica around 11 PM on May 24, 2021 (Monday) with 14 hours-time difference. Rijock pointed out that Mehul Choksi should have gone along with the two travellers when they cleared immigration and customs. Not only this, the immigration department also clicked the picture of both of the tourists as an inspection purpose.

Moreover, there was 14 hours time difference between the appearance of Choksi and the clearance of immigration and customs by Singh and Bhandal.  Rijock added that  Choksi did not mention his whereabouts during 14 hours period.

Rijock also disclosed there was proper checking of the Calliope of Arne and stated any vessel which had cleared customs and immigration is required to leave the country within 1 hour of the period. They left for Dominica after clearing immigration and customs and reached there at around 12 midnight.

He added that while Singh and Bhandal were in the clearing process, Choksi was well enjoying his breakfast with Barbara at Carlisle Bay restaurant. Mehul Choksi was well in connection with everyone until 5 PM, but by that time Singh and Bhandal would have reached halfway to their destination (Dominica).

Further, Kenneth Rijock also showed the dramatic change in the statements of Mehul Choksi and stated that using his initial statement to the police, Mehul Choksi said that he reached Barbara Jarabik’s house to pick her up and go for a walk.

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However, while giving a statement to the Week newspaper, Mehul Choksi said that he was to meet Barbara and planned to go for dinner.

  1. Mehul Choksi in his statement earlier, had said that there were about 8 to 10 people who looked like Antiguan police officers who entered the house by, breaking both doors, one in the front and the second one in the back. During the on-ground surveys of the villa 407 E&F, it was found that the doors were intact, and there was no sign of breakage. Subsequently, in his media statement to the Week, Mehul Choksi did not mention the Antiguan police officials but indicated that people who barged in were outsourced agents of Indian agencies, as per Rijock.

Rijock also added that all the tourists involved/accused including Barbara Jarabik, Gurjit Bhandal and Gurmit Singh appears actual tourists who are victims of the masterplan of Choksi.

  1. He revealed, “Soon after returning to Antigua and Barbuda from Dominica on medical grounds, Mehul Choksi utilized his political and official connections to make the entire scenario appear as a kidnapping. Mehul Choksi asked Inspector Adonis Henry (Investigating Police Officer) to create a fabricated report which not only lacked crucial investigations but contained unverified information, so that he could portray himself as a victim and have the illegal entry case dismissed as well as get rid of the Red Corner Notice issued by INTERPOL against him.”

According to evidence held with Kenneth Rijock, Antigua police is in possession of satellite phone procured from Jamaican transporters, which is not mentioned in the police investigation report, notwithstanding, the report prepared by Inspector Adonis Henry was widely used by Choksi, his lawyers to escape the law. There is a strong possibility that Mehul Choksi may seek to flee Antigua and Barbuda once more in order to avoid the extradition proceedings.

Kenneth Rijock stated that Mehul Choksi has over 2 billion dollars to manipulate the entire administration and police. He is attempting to bribe the officials of the government and corrupt the whole system of Antigua and Barbuda just to get the real charges dropped against himself. It is worth mentioning that it is not the first time that 1 person has bribed top positions of the country to make them dance on his tune.

While quoting the example of Robert Allen Stanford, Rijock added that he contributed millions of dollars to politicians in Antigua and ruled the country until he his Ponzi scheme was exposed. Mehul Choksi is becoming the second Allen Stanford for Antigua and Barbuda, as he is accused of corrupting the financial system and committing fraud on a massive scale. Similar to Stanford, who was convicted of operating a massive Ponzi scheme in 2009, Choksi is alleged to have taken advantage bribes to carry out fraudulent activities and it would have a significant impact on Antigua and Barbuda’s financial stability and reputation.

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The country’s regulators and law enforcement agencies must take swift and decisive action against Choksi to restore public confidence in the political, legal and financial system.


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