Kenneth Rijock says Antigua police fabricated report to get charges dropped against Mehul Choksi in Dominica

Kenneth Rijock says Antigua police fabricated report to get charges dropped against Mehul Choksi in Dominica
Kenneth Rijock says Antigua police fabricated report to get charges dropped against Mehul Choksi in Dominica

Kenneth Rijock– a well-known American investigator, continue his probe regarding India’s most wanted financial fugitive Mehul Choksi. He shared more evidence of misconduct in his blog in an article published on Sunday. Rijock reported how the Royal Police of Antigua submitted a fabricated report to get criminal charges dismissed against the fugitive in Dominica.

Rijock added that Adonis Henry- Inspector at the Royal Police of Antigua, fabricated a criminal investigation and made the escape appear like a kidnapping. The police report included fabricated details of how he was taken from Antigua in a trap created with a cooperating female conspirator in a purported plot to return him to India. 

The investigator added that all of that was done by Inspector Henry in order to get the criminal charges against Mehul Choksi dropped in Dominica. He said that Mehul Choksi fearing his extradition in India, set up a safe house in Cuba to stay immune from the process. Describing the plot, Rijock added that Mehul Choksi engaged a vessel and crew to take him to an extradition-free jurisdiction. 

Sharing more details, the blog post by Rijock emphasized that Choksi’s plan backfired after the failure of prepayment of fees and costs, after which he was put ashore in Dominica. While the case in Dominica remains pending, the fabricated report helped Mehul Choksi escape the criminal charges. 

According to the report by Rijock, the story and facts presented by Inspector Henry,noted in the Police Statement Form, released on April 7, 2022 were completely fictional. On the same day, a penalty of perjury was signed by the Inspector of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda.

“The entire story, and all the facts therein, which were completely fictional, are contained in a Police Statement Form, dated April 7, 2022, and signed under penalty of perjury, by Inspector Henry. We have reviewed that document (marked For Police Use Only), and the statements Henry made are a complete fabrication,” reported Rijock. 

Furthermore, comparing his investigations with Adonis Henry’s report, Rijock stated that as per the police report prepared by the inspector, “Mehul Choksi’s private automobile was recovered following day after the alleged incident,”. However, Rijock revealed that, as per the AME report, the car was not discovered at the scene on the day of the crime, indicating that it was staged there by the police. 

Adding more evidence, Kenneth Rijock stated that Barbara Jarabik (or Jarabica) was not a conspirator in his fictional kidnapping; however, she was set up to appear in order to be part of the criminal conspiracy to support the fabricated report. Based on this fraudulent report, the court in Dominica dismissed the criminal charges against the fugitive; Rijock added that jointly Adonis Henry and Mehul Choksi constituted a fraud upon the court.  

He added that Inspector Adonis Henry had been scheming to find ways to delay Mehul Choksi’s extradition. The American investigator reported he would also be sharing more reports on people who are aiding and abetting Choksi in his illegal quest to avoid sitting in the dock in India, facing justice.