Kenneth Rijock uncovers shocking details on Mehul Choksi’s bribery, conspiracy in Antigua

Mehul Choksi
Mehul Choksi

Saint John’s: Kenneth Rijock, a renowned financial crime consultant and investigator, has made shocking disclosures on the absconding Indian businessman Mehul Choksi. Posting a news article on Blogger, the well-known American investigator began a new chapter of the narrative. The article, supported by various facts, describes how the diamond merchant failed to flee from Antigua to Cuba and then fabricated a kidnapping scenario.

Rijock said that Choksi intended to flee from Antigua to Cuba to avoid extradition, since Cuba and India do not have an extradition treaty. The Indian fugitive was dumped off on the coast of Dominica after he refused to pay the agreed-upon payment to the smugglers’ crew of the ship transporting him to Cuba, according to the investigator. The blog also disclosed that he attempted to pay Dominica’s authorities in order to have any ‘illegal entrance charges’ dismissed.

Screenshot of news article published on Kenneth Rijock's Blogger. Part 1
Screenshot of news article published on Kenneth Rijock’s Blogger. Part 1

Rijock said that a senior police official named Adonis Henry from the Royal Police Service of Antigua and Barbuda was accepting money from diamond merchant Mehul Choksi in order to fabricate proof verifying his abduction narrative.

Rijock disclosed that numerous witnesses claimed meetings between Mehul Choksi and Adonis Henry at the restaurant Al Porto in Jolly Harbor, which is reportedly owned by the fugitive Indian diamond merchant.

In addition, Rijock indicated that his sources confirmed that Choksi’s corruption was not restricted to police officers; he also bribed Magistrate Conliffe Clarke for his favour.

Rijock, a native of Brooklyn, New York, is renowned for his accurate financial crime investigations. He has worked closely with numerous United States federal agencies to put financial criminals behind the bars. Additionally, he is well-known for his diligence investigations.

Screenshot of news article published on Kenneth Rijock's Blogger. Part 2
Screenshot of news article published on Kenneth Rijock’s Blogger. Part 2

After Kenneth Rijock revealed the facts through his writings, Mehul Choksi’s attorney, Rohan Garg, threatened the independent investigator with legal action for uncovering Choksi’s conspiracies. Rijock refused to back down and stood by his report, insisting that he had obtained all the information from credible sources and conducted due investigation before uploading the data. He added that India’s law enforcement agencies must take decisive action against Mehul Choksi’s lawyers, especially Rohan Garg, who has openly threatened journalists and investigators for uncovering the truth.

This is not the first time Rijock has expressed concerns about the Indian con artist. This week, he published a blog article on his official blogger account on the friendship between Mehul Choksi. His paper revealed in detail that both fraudsters are involved in compromising Antigua and Barbuda’s government system.

Rijock emphasised the developing corruption in the island nation and Mehul Choksi’s involvement. He also accused a local police officer, specifically a member of the Royal Police force of Antigua and Barbuda.

It is noteworthy that Choksi is a mastermind of schemes and strategies. While in India, he obtained a $2 billion loan from a public sector bank after gaining the confidence of bank executives, and he also purchased Antigua and Barbuda citizenship at the same time in 2018. Soon after, he fled the country with his business partner and nephew Nirav Modi, who had defrauded the PNB Bank. The fact lends additional credence to the results of Rijock, who is already known for his meticulous investigation.

Screenshot of news article published on Kenneth Rijock's Blogger. Part 3
Screenshot of news article published on Kenneth Rijock’s Blogger. Part 3

Evidently, Mehul Choksi enjoy a strong bribery relationship with many high profile officials of Antigua and have been spotted engaging in questionable activities across the country, as reported by a renowned investigator. He has been accused of influencing the police system in order to conceal his conspiracy theories. While describing his role, he stated that Choksi was able to gain access to the Antigua and Barbuda police through bribery.

Mehul Choksi, also known as Mehul Chinubai Choksi, is an Indian fugitive wanted by the Indian government for defrauding the Punjab National Bank (PNB) to the tune of more than $2 billion. He has been involved in bribing officials in his own country, which enabled him to obtain an enormous loan. Choksi left India in January 2018 and obtained Antigua and Barbuda citizenship in November 2018. Choksi was also the former owner of the India-based Gitanjali Group, a prominent jewellery business.