Mehul Choksi Case : American Investigator Kenneth Rijock reveals exclusive information

Mehul Choksi Case : Kenneth Rijock says AG Steadroy Benjamin ordered to fabricate police report
Mehul Choksi Case : Kenneth Rijock says AG Steadroy Benjamin ordered to fabricate police report

Kenneth Rijock – a famous American investigator, has again published exclusive information regarding Indian fugitive Mehul Choksi. He said that Antiguan Attorney General helped Choksi in delaying Choksi’s extradition to India by two years, and by getting the illegal entry case dismissed.

“STEADROY BENJAMIN, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Antigua & Barbuda, and who allegedly has been the key figure behind the two-year delay in the extradition of India’s fugitive master fraudster,  MEHUL CHINUBHAI CHOKSI, ordered his staff to alter the Police Report about Choksi’s illegal arrival in Dominica, to fabricate a bogus kidnapping story,” said Kenneth Rijock. 


While accessing the new facts in the Mehul Choksi case, Rijock said that AG Benjamin ordered his staff to alter the police report on the Indian businessman’s illegal entry into Dominica and fabricate a kidnapping story. The fabricated police report, supported by the story, was later used by his attorneys to get the clean chit from Dominican judicial authorities and to make a clear path of returning to Antigua.  

“The Report was used by Choksi’s attorneys to convince Dominican judicial authorities to dismiss his unlawful entry case so that he could return to Antigua, where he has remained immune from deportation and extradition to face justice in his native India over fraud claims in excess of the equivalent of USD$2bn,” said Kenneth Rijock

Blog post on Mehul Choksi by Kenneth Rijock
Blog post on Mehul Choksi by Kenneth Rijock

Rijock disclosed that various government officials and internal Labour Party sources confirmed that Benjamin was not only involved in the practice of illegal alternation of police records but also played a vital role in the manipulation of evidence. 

“Internal correspondence amongst government officials, obtained from local Labour Party sources, confirming Benjamin’s illegal alteration of police records, shows his direct role in the manipulation of evidence; Choksi has bestowed lavish bribes throughout the Antiguan government to have his extradition case indefinitely delayed, including officials at cabinet level,” his blog further added. 

Rijock said that Choksi offered handsome bribes to the Antiguan government, including cabinet-level officials, to get his extradition case delayed indefinitely. 

He outlined that the new evidence also pointed out that Choksi rules his legal proceedings in Antigua’s court system with the assistance of a “dream team” of attorneys in three Caribbean countries.


Shedding light upon on role of two prominent East Caribbean Law firms in Choki’s case, Rijock said that various sources confirmed that these law firms tried to intimidate and force the local police officials in Dominica to manipulate the evidence against Choksi. These firms have worked to extricate Choksi from his criminal case with the measures such as exaggerating his medical condition and throwing their considerable legal weight around. 

“Indeed, confidential correspondence made available to us by our Dominica sources has shown that two prominent East Caribbean law firms sought to intimidate and influence local police and judicial officers in Dominica, to extricate Choksi from his criminal case there, by grossly exaggerating his medical condition,” wrote Rijock in his blog post. 

He revealed that attorneys sent their correspondence to Dominica’s Princess Margaret Hospital, Dominica Prison Service, Dominica China Friendship Hospital, and police and Court officials to manipulate the evidence. 

According to Rijock, the law firms are:

(1) DYER & DYER, Barbados.


He noted that the attorneys who represented Choksi’s case in Dominican court were Norde And Lambert, Cara Shillingford-Marsh, Wayne Benjamin Marsh and Julien Prevost. He accused the attorneys of playing key roles in fabricating evidence and committing fraud in the court. 

Furthermore, Rijock added that in his upcoming blogs, he would be sharing special details about the legal misconducts of the Antiguan government officials. He said that the next blog would show how officials participated in delaying Choksi’s extradition.

Mehul Choksi is an Indian fugitive, who scammed the Panjab National Bank and absconded with over 2 billion dollars. In 2017, soon after getting the massive loans, he left his home country and settled in Antigua and Barbuda along with his wife. Interpol has issued a Red Notice by his name, and he is also fighting extradition case.