Westmoreland Police constable charged for possessing contraband items. Picture Credits: Fb accounts

Westmoreland Police constable charged for possessing contraband items

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Westmoreland, Jamaica: A police constable of Whithorn Police Station in Westmoreland was charged with the offense of possessing narcotics and other contraband items during his cell guard duty.

The police constable has been identified as Jafee Chantiloupe of Frome in the parish. As per the details, the constable was on duty along with his two fellow officers when he entered the cell holding area with a black plastic bag in his hand.

The big bulky bag raised the doubts of other fellow officers. Therefore, a supervisor called out to Chantiloupe and held a search for his bag. During the search, several contraband items were found by the officer, which included 40 craven cigarettes, one transparent plastic ziplock bag, two packs of Lion Pride white Rizla wrapping paper, one plastic water bottle that contained a white substance suspected to be rum, three King sized brand lighters, one blue and white Flow SIM card and 10 ounces of green dried vegetable matter which looked like Ganja.

Notably, the authorities are conducting the thorough investigation into the matter and to find out the real truth behind the offence. The apprehension of the police constable showcases the efforts of the administration towards ensuring that law is equal to all irrespective of their positions and powers.

The residents of the community also took to their social media handles and shared their views and opinions on the incident through their comments. One person commented “Every action has a reaction; corruption is in the force a lot just lock him up and throw away the keys.”

Another person commented the following “Get rich quick does not work in the police force. There is no escape from the law, you must get caught. Be honest you cannot get caught for wrongdoing if you are honest.”

The administration of Jamaica have stated that they are making every possible efforts with a vision to maintain peace and security in the country by reducing crime rate and activities.