“We want the vaccine drive to succeed”, says United National Congress

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United National Congress stated that the Government is accusing the opposition leader of derailing the COVID-19 vaccine drive in the country. The opposition stated that the blame games have been happening for six years.

UNC stated that they want to see the vaccination programme succeed, as they are all in this pandemic, which seems to be desperate at the moment with all the deaths and cases rising daily, the headlines in the newspapers can only talk about death and despair as T& T records 87 fatalities in the first 13 days of May 2021.

The opposition stated that every day Trinidad and Tobago is bombarded with the harrowing figures which seem to outdo the previous day and the continuous warning of the overwhelming of the hospitals that is eminent.

“We have never faced such a menace as we do now from Covid-19, as the reality is that our family members are dying and, from the measures taken by the Government to curb the spread, many people are fighting just to feed their, families. Of course we are all rooting for the Government to come together with the opposition and to get control of this pandemic, as we are all facing it on a daily basis.” stated the United National Congress.

UNC stated that all should together and try their best to unite to fight this horrific virus and admit we do not have all the answers.

United National Congress stated that the opposition was the first to bring the Covid-19 issue to parliament and was bashed in both houses many times. A terrible miscalculation in a scientifically-backed response with statistical data said UNC.

UNC stated that vaccination should be the main goal to ensure survival. The longer people wait for vaccines, and the likelihood is that more people will die, and this is a price too high to pay for our nation, stated UNC.


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