‘We must stand up and demand justice’ says UNC National Youth Arm

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Trinidad and Tobago: The UNC National Youth Arm is calling on the nation to assist with bringing home persons who have gone missing.

According to UNC National Youth Arm, It is no secret that the crime has escalated, and most depressingly, we are now faced with a crisis that involves our brothers and sisters going missing.


Time and time again, we make calls to various persons, The Minister of National Security, the Commissioner Of Police, The Prime Minister. But let no need be marked as a complaint nor redundant. We must stand up and demand justice. Justice for our people who have gone missing.

This epidemic is plaguing our society, and one can only assume what they are going through. As we demand justice, we do not accompany this with a search for these people. Something simple as reposting on social media can spread awareness.

But this does not stop there. Should you know any details that will assist the police, do not be silent, be brave, and come forward with your information. We must find our brothers and sisters.

Additionally, A country’s pride, resource, and identity are its people, and we are losing that. What is most alarming is this is an attack on our young people, in particular our women.

Moreover, A call is being made to the public, but the UNC National Youth Arm to be vigilant as one goes about their day-to-day activities.

UNC National Youth Arm stated that the government must act fast in its approach to this crisis as it needs to be attended to now with immediate urgency and prioritization. If any, the plans that are in place need to be revisited and improved because they fail our people.

Furthermore, UNC added that any government that cannot protect its people has been unable, and it most evident that this PNM has failed us all. But the demand is non-different from any before, and the UNC National Youth Arm calls on the government to wake up and do the job that you were elected to do, one being security. Secure our Trinbagonian brothers and sisters now.

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