PM of T&T abandons Security Minister in vote of no confidence: UNC Leader

PM of T&T abandons Security Minister in vote of no confidence: UNC Leader

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Trinidad and Tobago: UNC leader Kamla Persad accuses Prime Minister Keith Rowley of abandoning Stuart Young in Vote of No Confidence.

Kamla stated that “In an incredible observed at Parliament, the Government of T&T hijacked the Motion of No Confidence led by the Leader of the Opposition, completely shutting down the debate and dismissing the Opposition Leader her right to respond.”

Furthermore, she noted that It is clear that opposition was running from the exposure of the Minister’s all-round failure.

According to UNC Leader, It is evidence that Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley was disappointed to register his vote of confidence when the voting proceeded up.

The Prime Minister’s absenteeism for the vote vocalizes volumes. During the debate, Rowley said, “The Minister does not act on his own. I take accountability for what the Ministry of National Security does and what this administration does.”

However, the Prime Minister’s failure to substantiate this view by voting in support of his Minister obviously displays that Dr. Rowley is now attempting to distance himself from Stuart Young’s messes.

Further, disclosures clearly point to extensive cracks in the Government’s works, with some MPs being absolutely against Stuart Young.

UNC regards the Prime Minister’s incompetence to vote for Stuart Young as validation that our motion was conventional and just. If the head of Government no longer values Stuart Young, then the public can’t be anticipated to place their faith in him. She declared,’ Minister Young must go now’.

On the other hand, a Facebook user commented, “He just found you guys were a colossal waste of time. When you could have been in parliament on the ethical business, you bring some weak and empty motion. But one beautiful thing said today by MP Lisa Morris Julien was ” you don’t pelt stones at a barren tree,” and Minister Young has produced, so it was only logical that you keep attacking him. This UNC party is a national shame.”

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