Virgilius Margaret Eugene – newest living centenarian of Saint Lucia

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Saint Lucia: The Ministry of Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment attended the celebration of remarkable milestone of the newest centenarian Virgilius Margaret Eugene, who turned 100 on December 09, 2023.

The ministry officially shared about the great news on Dec 11. At the celebration, the officials joined the family members and friends of Eugene.

Reportedly, the representative of the Ministry of Equity – Andrea Alcide, honoured the centenarian on her extraordinary journey with a bouquet and a plaque symbolizing the collective respect and admiration by the nation.

On the behalf of the ministry, Andrea Alcide remarked that Virgilius Margaret Eugene’s centenary is not only a personal achievement but a living link to the shared history. “Her resilience and grace inspire us all and the Ministry of Equity is privileged to be part of this momentous celebration,” she added.

Eugene, celebrated her centenary in the presence of great crowd. She extended her gratitude towards her sisters for their unconditional love and care.

Virgilius Margaret Eugene expressed – “I am grateful for every day and for the love that surrounds me. The sisters are my only family now and I count my blessings each day.”

The newly turned 100, Virgilius Margaret was born and brought up in Delcer, Choiseul in 1923. She is the only survivor among her siblings and has battled the passage of time with grace and fortitude.

Eugene shifted to Castries several years ago, where she started living with her son and daughter in La Clery. After sometime, the life twisted inevitably and she lost her son.

As per the sources, Virgilius Margaret is living with her sisters at Faux A Chaux, Castries from the past thirteen years.

In the praise of Eugene’s centennial year, the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment congratulated her signifying the sentiments of the nation. Saint Lucia is proud to honour Virgilius Margaret Eugene as one of its revered centenarians.

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