US Military’s two-week Vascular Surgical Mission in Saint Lucia

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The US Military Medical Mission – Lesser Antilles Medical Team (LAMAT), has undertaken the task of conducting a Vascular Surgical Mission in Saint Lucia, which is being coordinated by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of External Affairs.

The mission will begin on the 26th of February 2024 and come to a close on the 8th of March 2024. The medical team which has been tasked with conducting this program, will consist of two vascular surgeons, two registered nurse anaesthetists, three post-anaesthesia Care Unit Nurses, one surgical nurse, two diabetic nurses and three surgical technicians.

The medical and surgical equipment, medications and supplies which are required for the mission are being provided by the LAMAT team.

The Owen King European Hospital (OKEU) will be utilized by the team to conduct the vascular surgical procedures. The visiting specialists will also have surgical specialists from the OKEU and the St Jude Hospital along with them, which will enable them to interact and share their expertise.

Fistulas will be placed to facilitate the dialysis of 40 patients under the vascular surgical care program. The program is also being touted as a pioneering initiative as it aims to train medical officers who have different levels of training, to bring them up to speed with the latest medical practices in this specific treatment modality.

The concerned Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Nursing and Allied Health Councils have completed their checks on the medical personnel that are visiting Saint Lucia for this initiative, approving them for the express purpose of this mission.

As is the case with any visiting health mission, health practitioners from Saint Lucia will also participate in the initiative, working in conjunction with the visiting practitioners. A comprehensive record of the patients and their treatment will also be kept, which will help in referring them to local practitioners, thus ensuring that their treatment continues without fail.

The Government of Saint Lucia, the Ministry of Health and the people of the nation have echoed each other’s thoughts in expressing how much they appreciate the program. It has also been stated by many that they are looking forward to the mission as it is an important initiative that has come at the perfect time for the people of Saint Lucia.

Beyond that, the mission is a sign of the deepening ties between the United States and the government of Saint Lucia, which is a reflection of the geopolitical interactions that the Caribbean is maintaining with the United States.

Considering the current economic and political climate in the region, it is a vital initiative that allows both sides, in this case, Saint Lucia and the United States, to participate in a program that is of mutual benefit.

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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